Why you make mistakes when creating backups

Backups are very useful in order to avoid data loss. If, for example, we are victims of a ransomware attack, the system files will be protected. Now, it is important to do them correctly. In this article we are going to explain why many users make mistakes when creating backup copies and that means that they are not really protecting documents and files.

Common mistakes when making a backup

Why you make mistakes when creating backups

Whenever you make a backup you must do it correctly. Otherwise it would be useless and your files would be in danger. Be aware of these common mistakes and don’t make them. The goal is always to create copies that are available anywhere and can serve as a backup in case of a problem.

Do not make copies on a regular basis

The first mistake is not taking backups from time to time. That is, it is not enough to make a copy at a specific time and leave it there. The ideal is to update it, adding new content that you generate over time. Only then will you really have your files backed up.

Think, for example, that you suffer a ransomware attack and your files are encrypted. In case you want to backup a copy, if you made it a long time ago you will not be able to recover the most recent content. You may lose valuable documents that you created less time ago, so it is always a good idea to make copies on a regular basis.

Create copies without first scanning the files

This is an important error and it could affect other devices where you dump that copy in the future. If you have a virus on your computer, for example, and you make a backup copy of the files, you would be saving documents that may be infected and at some point transfer them to another device by mistake.

Therefore, whenever you are going to make a backup copy, it is advisable to analyze the files. You can pass an antivirus to detect possible malicious software and thus help you eliminate any type of virus that may exist.

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have them in the same place

It is also a mistake to have backups in one place . For example, create copies and save them on a hard drive on the same computer where we usually work. If something happens on that computer, such as malware entering or an intruder taking control, that copy would be unusable.

Therefore, our advice is not to have the backup on the same physical computer. Even in the same place would not be a good idea either. That is, if you have a company, for example, do not have the backups there. In case of theft, fire or any problem that causes damage to the devices, it can also affect the copies you have.

Use only cloud or physical devices

Do you store backups in the cloud or on physical devices? The ideal is to have them in both places . In this way you will be able to access them from anywhere, through the Internet, but you will also have the guarantee of having a backup copy on a physical device, which you can save somewhere under your control.

Therefore, instead of storing backups only in the cloud or only on physical devices, you should have them on both at the same time. It is a good idea and it will surely save you some problems. A good idea is to encrypt the copies in the cloud.

In short, these are some common mistakes that you can make when creating backups. They are very important to avoid problems and it is essential that you take your time and plan it correctly.