The new and amazing front camera of the iPhone 14

Just a week ago we had WWDC 2022 in which Apple presented the vast majority of news that we will have in the new operating systems, in addition to the M2 chip and the new MacBook Air. However, the rumors about the next iPhone 14 that, in theory, will be presented in the month of September do not stop coming to light. For this reason, today we tell you the last hour about the new thing that your front camera will have. Read on if you don’t want to miss it.

What’s new in the front camera

The new and amazing front camera of the iPhone 14

As the month of September approaches , the rumors about the new Apple devices intensify , which, if nothing strange happens, we will see in the corresponding presentation that is held every year around that time. Specifically, it is the iPhone that monopolizes the vast majority of these, well, today it is time to talk about its cameras, but not about the rear ones, of which we already know several very interesting data, but about the front camera that, according to the great analyst Ming-Chi Kuo could undergo the biggest change in its history thanks to the benefits that it would incorporate.

All these rumors stem from the suppliers that the Cupertino company would have chosen to manufacture this component of the iPhone, and apart from the usual ones, Apple has incorporated Cowell and for the first time the LG Innotek company . With these partners behind them, the company will modify the front camera of the iPhone 14, making the focus completely automatic , not like until now, which had a fixed focus. This would considerably improve both the results when taking photos with the iPhone and the videos that all users can take with this lens.

Another of the most notable novelties is that it will have an f/1.9 aperture , improving the f/2.2 that the iPhone 13 currently has. This will allow much more light to enter the sensor and in this way, the results obtained are sharper, with much greater detail and, above all, better results can be obtained when the light is not so favorable. In addition, it will be a lens made up of six parts , while the current ones are made up of five.

Will it be available for all iPhone 14?

Fortunately for all users who have in mind to acquire one of the four models that Apple will present for iPhone 14, it seems that these novelties related to the front camera will not follow the trail set by the latest rumors and will be available for all models. Remember that many of the features that the iPhone 14 seems to have will be reserved for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models.

pantalla iphone 13 mini Unfortunately , if it is true that all users who want to enjoy all the news at the camera level, taking into account everything that will come in the rear section, they will have to opt for the Pro models, either the 6.1 or 6 .7 inches, with the price increase that this implies, since predictably, this could be the year in which Apple raises the prices of its devices again.