Tricks to get the most out of Apple TV +

Tricks to get the most out of Apple TV +

Apple TV+ is Apple’s video streaming service with which you can enjoy exclusive series, movies, and documentaries. It is a fairly simple service in its operation, although there are some features and tricks with which you will be able to exploit it a little more. In this post we tell you about some of them.

Although it is not one of the most used streaming platforms, Apple TV + has many very good series and movie options to enjoy. With Apple TV + you can enjoy your favorite content anywhere and from any device, be it an iPad or a console, such as a PlayStation.

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So you can get more out of it

Its interface is quite simple and if you’re used to using streaming platforms on a daily basis, you won’t have much trouble learning to use it. However, here are some tricks, some better known than others, so you can get the most out of this streaming platform.

  • Manage your Up Next list: A good way to always have the content you want to see visible so you don’t miss out is to add it to your Up Next list so you always get the next episode you want. The series you start watching are automatically added to this list, but you can also add the ones you want to watch later to always have them visible. If you want to manage this list, by holding down on a chapter you can remove the entire series from the Up Next list.
  • Share account with other people: You will only have to give them access to the account through the Family option. When you add someone to this system, you are giving them access to other benefits of the family group, such as the subscription of Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV + and the apps that you have purchased. These are very important aspects to take into account if you decide to share an account, so it is advisable to do so if you fully trust the people you are going to add to the group.


  • Choose the quality of the downloads: Like any platform, Apple TV + will allow you to configure the quality of the downloads. By changing this download quality, you will be able to make the quality lower when you do not have WiFi to spend less data, and establish that only with WiFi you download at maximum quality. For this, you have to enter the settings of your Apple device, and enter those of the TV application. There, go to the Download Options section , where you can choose the quality at which the content is downloaded with WiFi or mobile data.
  • Limit the playback quality: To avoid loading problems in the event that you have a bad connection, you will be able to limit the playback quality so that only the content that you have not downloaded is played in low quality. On mobile, go to the settings and go to TV, and inside, go to the Playback options , where you can choose the quality with WiFi and limit the quality with data or directly block it. In the app settings for TVs and consoles you have the option to Limit playback to SD.