This is the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro in the world

hands-on-100k-gold-iphoneIf the iPhone 11 Pro seems to be an extremely expensive device for more than 1000 euros, the truth is that there is an iPhone model that is much more expensive. Every year we see how a specific brand launches an extremely expensive iPhone to be built by high-value materials such as gold or precious stones. And this year the iPhone 11 Pro was not going to be less.

The iPhone 11 Pro of $100,000 has no use

The renowned technological YouTuber Marques Brownlee has been able to do with an iPhone 11 Pro by Calviar Solarius Zenith that is considered the most expensive iPhone in the world since it is finished in gold and diamond.

The price is varies around 100,000 and 120,000 dollars. This team can be seen in the video that Marques Brownlee has published on his YouTube channel where he makes an interesting review.

The equipment is built in 24 karat gold and includes a total of 137 diamonds. Also on the back you can find a fully functional watch. But the iPhone 11 Pro does not come alone, since a pair of custom AirPods Pro is included in the price. As it may seem obvious this type of equipment is delivered only by hand.

Without a doubt after seeing this review we cannot find any kind of utility to the team for a normal user. It is a sign that this authentic work of art can be done but it has no real function.

There are few people in the world who can afford this equipment since it requires a great purchasing power and take it out of the house will be a real ordeal. For the economic value that it has, without a doubt, it is a team that deserves to be in a safe to take it down the street or on a trip, because if we lose it, the world can fall on us.

In addition, the weight of the equipment does not help that it is very portable and it will be a burden that we will carry in the hand and that it will be difficult to carry in your pocket.

In addition to this gold and diamond finish, there is no extra feature worth mentioning. Although the clock that is included in the back is tremendously beautiful it lacks a clear utility being merely decorative.