The Best Nintendo Switch Games to Play at Parties

Nintendo-Switch-games-partyWe are approaching New Year’s Eve, a party in which the family meets to say goodbye to the current year and welcome the new one, so, between so much meeting and celebration, surely more than one takes advantage of the opportunity to have fun playing a game between family and friends How about some fun game for Switch ?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart Tour Multijugador

It is a classic that can not be missing, since you do not need to have a great skill to complete the races. In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe there is a lot of fun, since we can go collecting items with which to annoy our rivals to be able to move forward towards victory. In addition, it has intelligent control modes that will help less initiated players, so fun is guaranteed for all participants.

Overcooked! two

Teamwork, dizziness speed commands and many ingredients to control. Overcooked 2 is a fantastic game to play in a group, as it ensures maximum fun while chaos in the room is generated by the crazy communication that occurs between the players. Do not forget to remove the rice from the fire or it will burn, do not neglect dirty dishes and serve diners as soon as possible. A very funny chaos!

Mario Tennis Aces

Another Nintendo game that would be extremely complicated for beginners if it weren’t for the gameplay and the game modes it offers. Playing tennis has never been so easy, and it is super fun to do it in a group. Special movements and a very simple control make this arcade game a sporting option to take into account for all types of players.

Snipper clips

It was one of the first releases to reach the Switch catalog, and that is why we must not forget it. It is a fun game in which two players will have to cooperate to solve simple puzzles in which the ability and imagination when cutting silhouettes will be crucial to achieve victory.

Ultimate Chicken Horse

Something like a Super Mario Maker, crazy in which players will have to manage to place the necessary elements to take to the finish line. You can work as a team … or put obstacles to the rest to win the victory as soon as possible.

Super Mario Party

A Nintendo console at a party has its own name: Super Mario Party. The well-known group test game also has a Switch version, and as with each delivery, the new board hides a large number of mini-games (80 in total) with which to have fun with the rest of the players. Many of the tests make use of the Joy-Con accelerometer, so, in addition to needing these controls to play in groups, the controls will be simple to all types of players.

Tricky towers

Imagine a Tetris without walls in which players must manage to make the tallest tower possible by preventing the pieces from falling. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do in Tricky Towers, and you can also choose among other game modes to which more fun.

1 2 Switch

What would a Nintendo console be without a game of minigames that realize their full potential? That’s what 1 2 Switch offers, fun and crazy mini-games with which to make the clown at the blow of Joy-Con. Milking cows, dueling gunmen … who said shame?