The ideal maximum speed to save a good amount of gasoline

Although it was one of the most optimal measures of the Government in 2022, for this 2023 the Executive eliminated the bonus of 20 cents per liter of fuel, so now drivers have to pay the full amount again at gas stations. Although this should be a sign of good news, the truth is that fuel prices continue to rise. That’s why it’s important to save gas, and a good way to do it is to maintain an ideal speed.

Efficient driving is always better

The ideal maximum speed to save a good amount of gasoline

Yes, putting the right gear at all times or getting the engine ready are some of the most useful recommendations for saving gasoline with efficient driving , something that has become a matter of first necessity for Spaniards who take the car in their day a day.

Thus, efficient driving is always positive in different aspects: on the one hand, it makes us go less to the gas station; on the other, we reduce emissions and contribute to polluting less; and thirdly, the mechanics of the vehicle will appreciate it.

Another key action when it comes to reducing consumption is to maintain adequate tire pressure. According to RACE, “driving using tires with a pressure of 0.5 bars lower than that recommended by the manufacturer causes consumption to increase by 2% in urban areas and 4% in interurban areas.” In any case, and as something also key, is to maintain the ideal speed .

Maximize savings at a speed of 90 km/h

There are many factors that influence the consumption of your car and the way you drive is one of them: our ways behind the wheel can cause the tank to last more… or less. And there, looking for an optimal speed can be the differential factor.

In the DGT they are clear: whenever possible, the ideal is to adopt a pace of 90 km/h to maximize fuel savings when driving. And it is that driving at more than 120 kilometers per hour can increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption by around 30%.

Be that as it may, one of the keys is to maintain a constant speed because it can help us save up to 10% of fuel . The reason is simple: the engine has to make much more effort when accelerating and braking continuously. Gestures that make consumption soar: to achieve that stability, use the technology of your car and if it has cruise control, activate it … and you will go through the gas station less frequently.

We must also assess our safety, because driving at 90 in many sections is not safe. Let’s not forget the mechanics either, because at 90 kilometers per hour in sixth gear there are cars that don’t ride at all comfortably, they vibrate and don’t have the slightest push, so it’s not advisable to drive in these conditions.

Ahorrar gasolina velocidad 90 km/h

Other very useful tips

Likewise, and at the same time as opting for a speed that does not exceed 90 km/h, saving gasoline can be done in multiple ways . We see it with what are some tips to carry out driving as efficiently as possible:

  • Start the engine by stepping on the clutch and without pressing the accelerator.
  • Use first gear only to start driving and quickly shift to second.
  • Drive smoothly avoiding acceleration and braking; anticipation is key.
  • Drive with long gears and at low revs.
  • To slow down, lift your foot off the accelerator and always leave gear in gear.
  • Do not go down hills in neutral.
  • Turn off the engine if stops are made for more than 1 minute.
  • If you drive a car with different automatic transmission options, choose the economy mode.
  • Avoid traveling with the windows down because it affects the aerodynamics of the vehicle.
  • Minimize the use of mechanical and electrical accessories, such as the air conditioner.
  • Avoid overloading the vehicle.
  • Remove accessories that are not used and affect aerodynamics (bike racks, chests, ski racks…).
  • Wear low rolling resistance tires.
  • Check that the tire pressure is correct.
  • Perform adequate vehicle maintenance; an improperly tuned engine will burn more fuel, which can affect fuel economy