7 apps that send you wind, rain and snow alerts

7 apps that send you wind, rain and snow alerts

Because surely you will not be satisfied with the applications that tell you the weather and temperature of the next days and hours, there are applications that notify you at all times and in real time if there is going to be rain, snow, hail, storms or bad weather.

I am going to tell you about some of the most notable ones so that you can choose your favorite if you are going hiking, on a trip, a getaway, you do outdoor sports, you want to know what clothes to wear or prepare for any situation. But, in addition, they become essential apps for our day to day, since before going out to work or shopping, we are very interested in knowing if the wind or rain can catch us by surprise.

AccuWeather: the most complete alerts app

accuweather app tiempo

Do not settle for finding out what the weather is going to be like in the next hours or days, with this app you will be able to monitor the severe winter weather to prepare yourself for any occasion. It notifies you if it is going to snow, rain, hail, have a storm or adverse weather conditions in real time and with great precision.

It’s perfect if you’re thinking of taking a trip and don’t know what to wear, or if you’re going to go out, or when you want to know before anyone else if there’s going to be a sudden change in weather. Even to know if you have to carry chains in the car.

Meteored: full of accurate forecasts and alerts

meteored clima app

With this app you will be able to know the weather forecast in a concrete way on the same day and in up to a maximum of 14 days, it has a real-time rain radar that works really well.

You will be able to customize its theme, create alerts and notifications for storms, strong winds, rains and other adverse phenomena and access a lot of information of interest to you. It also has a storm and hurricane tracker.

You can be more aware of all the data that interests you with the widgets and share the forecasts with whoever you want at any time.

Put a rain alarm on your mobile

alarma de lluvia

The rain will not be a problem for you, since this app will alert you when the rain is approaching. It has alerts based on recent data in real time that will keep you informed at all times of the weather and if it is going to rain. It is a very precise and reliable app that you will want to have if you are going to go outside or do any outdoor activity.

It will not only notify you of rain, but also if it is going to snow or hail. You can decide if it alerts you with sound, vibration or with a notification. Also, it includes widgets with different sizes and themes. It works in many countries.

RainViewer: prepare for the storm

rainviewer app

This weather radar map is predictive, it includes alerts for rain, hurricanes and many other meteorological phenomena on our smartphone. It informs you when it is going to be bad weather, such as rain, snow or storm. In addition, it warns where the storm will move in the next 90 minutes.

You can add your favorite places and thus know what the weather will be the day you go there or wherever you want. You will have their widgets at your disposal to have the information more at hand.

The Weather Channel: Extreme Alerts

weather-channel app

In this app you will know what the weather will be like in the next hours, days and even with alerts in real time. It has a future radar at 6 hours and will warn you when there is bad weather. You can activate extreme weather alerts to know what is going to happen at all times and thus organize yourself, bundle up or be careful, even to know if you are going to travel somewhere or not.

It will notify you of storms, thunder or gusts of wind. It has a lot of data that will help you to know if it is a time to leave home or it is better to wait a few minutes or hours.

A weather radar in your pocket

radar del tiempo app

This is a high definition map radar app that is based on your location and offers you interesting information, including weather alerts, weather tracker or the weather in the next few hours. You will be able to know the forecasts and temperature of the area in which you are, what will happen in the next hours and days and much more.

Don’t miss your home screen widgets and notifications panel to know before the information that interests you. It notifies you in real time of snow storms, hurricanes, wind, waves, current, rain, snow and many other information of interest to you. Its report is very complete and allows you to control different locations.

Minute by minute weather forecast

clima pronostico del tiempo app

The free weather app Weather Forecast is a weather channel where you can make inquiries by day and time in 199 countries and more than 200,000 cities. It has local weather, weather forecast in up to 120 hours, rain at the minute level, has alerts and much more. It is very easy to have access to all the data that interests you in this complete website.

Know the most detailed local data and receive information about what you want whenever you need it, to find out if it’s going to rain in the next 24 hours or minutes, or for whatever you need. It has different widgets and is very easy to use, which makes it easy to know at all times from the temperature to the humidity.