The future of home automation is here, this is all you can do

Surely you have seen a futuristic movie one day, where the homes of the characters had all kinds of comforts that were activated by voice commands. Or others that with the simple intention of a character to do something, already made the house react by granting some utility. But the truth is that this is science fiction, and the reality is very different. Smart homes and their future is not something so far from what we have available now. And beyond the development of new technologies, these devices will generally become more and more accessible.

The future of home automation is here, this is all you can do

Home automation of the future

Today a large number of things in our homes can be automated, but the world of technology does not stop evolving. Every year new devices come out, which can do new things or simply improve something we already had. All sections are subject to this, so any area of our house can be radically different in the future thanks to home automation.

Casa futurista

Currently, the greatest technological advances can be seen in devices that we always carry with us, such as smartphones. From these we can control all the automation of our home. either to turn on the heating, activate a kitchen robot or turn on the lights. Little by little the advances are coming in an almost imperceptible way. And little by little, new needs are created that can be covered, and others that it is absolutely necessary to cover.

It is normal that when we talk about the future of technology, we think about how it directly benefits us. But the truth is that this is necessary in other aspects such as the economy or sustainability. And as we have said, this can affect everything in our homes.

Smart homes

We are at a time where home automation can be installed anywhere in a house, and it can play an important role in all of them. Starting with the places where we spend the most time, the living rooms. These are increasingly equipped with better televisions or sound equipment. But little by little more technologies arrive, such as virtual reality helmets that can simulate a cinema sensation.

The kitchen is another important point. Although it is increasingly common to have a kitchen robot that we control from our mobile, there are other devices that can perform more functions. Refrigerators are one of the household appliances that have evolved the most, and that is that, over time, they have been gaining in functionality. For example, we currently already have some that allow us to view the content without having to open them, but other functions such as the detection of fresh food, or asking for what is necessary for an online store are features that are already here. Even ovens that can know the food and are automatically programmed so that it comes out perfectly, without having to worry about looking at recipes.

Even gardens can have innovation. Like corridors that are heated to avoid ice or better irrigation systems to improve crops or other plants. Everything can change very quickly in the world of computing, and as a consequence in home automation. Which is very important for the future of smart homes.

Smart buildings

In the case of buildings we have many more areas to cover. And it is that they have devices that in private homes would not make any sense. Such as electronic ticket offices to receive packages, or more sophisticated surveillance systems.


The main problem they face is usually security. It is not the same to monitor a house with several rooms, than an entire building with hundreds of offices. Or heat the entire space when it comes to a high-rise building. Innovation will help improve all aspects of this type of building, and here it will also be very noticeable due to the large number of points to be covered.

As you can see, everything can change very quickly. But at the same time, we are currently at a point where technological advances allow us to automate many processes in houses and buildings. The only thing that can stop all this is that some items are not fully accessible to everyone. Whether due to prices or other factors, it is not always possible to install everything we want in our homes. But little by little, everything will be more accessible. The future of smart homes promises to be full of amazing things.