These devices should be connected by cable to your PLC and avoid WiFi

We can connect to the Internet through cable and also wireless networks. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, but in this article we are going to talk about what kind of devices you should wire to PLCs . In this way you can have a better connection and thus avoid annoying cuts. They are very useful devices to carry the connection from one place to another in the home.

Which devices to connect by cable to the PLCs

These devices should be connected by cable to your PLC and avoid WiFi

PLC devices take advantage of electrical wiring to bring the Internet to areas where coverage is very limited or even where we cannot connect. Many models allow you to connect devices both by Wi-Fi and by cable. But this last option usually has greater stability and also the speed is greater. Therefore, there are certain times when it is convenient to connect devices by cable.


One of the devices that should be connected by cable is the television. We are going to see content in Streaming and if it is also in maximum quality we are going to need the speed to be good. In order not to have cuts, it is essential to have a connection that is stable and always works as well as possible.

Therefore, in this case, if you connect the television to the PLCs via Ethernet cable, you will achieve greater stability. You will have fewer problems than if you connect it via Wi-Fi and it is also somewhat far from the access point.

Game console

Something similar happens with video consoles. If you are going to play over the Internet , it is necessary to have a good speed and also that the latency is low. In this case, connecting by network cable is a good idea. We will have fewer problems, the connection will be more stable and we will not have problems entering the games.

Game consoles are devices that usually have the option of connecting via Wi-Fi and Ethernet cable. Although the wireless option has improved a lot in recent years, sometimes we still have limitations. This happens especially when using PLC, since something is always missing.


A computer can also be connected to the PLC both by Ethernet cable and through Wi-Fi. If you need the speed to be optimal, to have great stability, connecting by network cable is undoubtedly better. For example, to use the cloud, download, make a video call, etc.

It does not matter if it is a laptop or a desktop , since in both cases you can have the option of wireless networks and Ethernet cable. Think about the use you are going to give to the connection and see what compensates you the most.

NAS server

NAS servers are also devices that may require good speed and a stable connection. For example, to make backup copies, to be able to access files from other devices, etc. If the connection is not good, they may have trouble working properly.

They usually connect to the Internet by cable directly to the router, but maybe you use it in another area of the house to connect it directly to a laptop and you need it to have access to the network through PLC devices. Even if you have a model that works via Wi-Fi, the cable is usually the best alternative.

In short, in these cases it is better that you connect the devices by cable to the PLCs. Of course, make sure that they are compatible with Gigabit Ethernet and that you are using a cable in good condition. Otherwise you could be limited and perform worse than Wi-Fi.