Python projects for your resume – project ideas to make in 2023


Are you aiming to develop your Python portfolio in 2023? Good move – we definitely will not try to talk you out of it! Check some Python project ideas that could boost your portfolio.

For the last several years, Python has been remaining at the top of IT rankings as one of the most demanded programming languages alongside JavaScript. Some say the winning streak cannot go on forever, but the case of Python proves against it. As of January 2023, Python still holds a strong first position in the PYPL (Popularity of Programming Languages) ranking, and nothing indicates that it will change anytime soon.

What can you use Python for?

Considering its versatility, you can take various paths as a Python developer. Used heavily in data science and machine learning, Python is a foundation of various popular and successful applications across different Industries, some of which we cannot imagine our daily life without – like Spotify, Uber, or Instagram.

Whenever you need to implement matching or recommendation algorithms, Python is your best friend. You can use it in web development, game development, network programming, and even 3D graphics. As you can see, the range of possibilities is quite astonishing. No wonder, Python is one of the most popular languages among those who decide to requalify or enter the IT industry. Why don’t they pick an equally versatile JavaScript instead? It is mainly due to Python’s smooth learning curve – its basics are simply easier and faster to learn compared to JS.

Python portfolio project ideas for 2023

Even though the demand for Python skills is high at the moment, the specialized portfolio will pave your way toward success. Here are some examples of simple Python projects which you can develop after hours in order to enrich your portfolio or search for freelance corporations in this particular field.

Sorting algorithm

There is no better programming language for writing sorting methods than Python. It is a perfect beginner Python project idea that will not give you a lot of trouble and work, but can impress your potential employer if you are hitting up a junior position in an IT industry. Just define your problem – it could be, for example, finding missing elements of the range or sorting in increasing order.


As we have mentioned, Python skills are strongly valued in the gaming industry, and if it’s your dream destination, the game obviously comes as a perfect Python project for your resume. Don’t worry – it does not mean that you have to have storytelling skills as well. If you are not into game design, or you don’t feel skilled enough in this area, the perfect solution is to recreate a simple board game you like.

Interactive quiz

Quizzes are relatively easy to make, and at the same time, they make your portfolio more fun. Show your potential employers that you know how to build a classifying algorithm that will place the quiz player in a particular category based on the answers they provided. We love quizzes because, apart from demonstrating your skills, they are also a great way to express yourself, and show a bit of who you are to the company you are applying to and learn something in the process.

You can, for example, create a knowledge quiz in the area that interests you or a fun quiz that will show a bit of your comedy Talent. A sense of humor is an important aspect of IT recruitment, so you won’t regret taking that path!


You may think this one is only for the most ambitious, but in fact, it is a perfect Python project for a resume that semi-advanced programmers will easily handle. You have a great amount of open source libraries to work with. However, except for its rapid development, the chatbot’s niche is still strongly English oriented. So if English is not your native tongue, how about contributing to the development of NLP in your own language? Or, alternatively, you can work on the existing chatbots to make the interactions it creates more human-like. Here you can also demonstrate your awesome sense of humor, making your chatbot a fun one to be around!