Squeeze your Mi Band: the essential apps for the Xiaomi bracelet

One of the products with which Xiaomi has had the most success has been with its Mi Band activity bracelets, thanks to its low-cost price and the wide variety of functions it has, including physical activity monitoring, heart rate measurement, calories burned count, pedometer, etc.

This wearable has its own official application, the Mi Fit app, renamed Zepp Life a few months ago. However, this application is far from perfect, so you may be looking for others that allow you to extract more functions from these bracelets. We are going to review some of the apps that you should not miss if you have a Mi Band.

the essential apps for the Xiaomi bracelet


Google’s fitness tracking app is one of the most complete. By synchronizing it with the Mi Band, you can track your daily exercises from your smart bracelet , automatically detect whether and what type of exercise you are doing, and record the data and performance of each of those exercises.

Google Fit has worked with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association to bring you a way to measure your goals that can improve your health: Heart Points . In this way, you can set goals and have a better reference on how sedentary or not your week is being and if you have achieved the Cardio Points recommended by these associations (the equivalent of walking 30 minutes for 5 days a week).

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

This is a key application for Mi Band , as it allows you to get the best performance from the smart bracelet. We can make the Mi Band not show notifications and messages from apps like WhatsApp, GPS directions, configure tasks, add an alarm clock option through vibrations, etc.

The app is also one of the best options you can find to correctly display the emojis on the Mi Band. You will not see them the same as on a mobile phone, but at least you will not find the classic error square that usually appears on our bracelet when we receive one of these characters.

My HR with Smart Alarm

This application helps you exercise while taking maximum care of your health. Simply set your desired training result (fat burning or muscle building) and My HR will walk you through your workout, advising you to increase or decrease intensity based on your heart rate measurements to stay in a target heart rate zone and enjoy your workout. at the same time.

After the training is finished, you can check the heart rate data in a separate graph in the My HR app, to know which moments have cost the most and/or have been risky for your health. You can set alarms to instantly notify you when you’ve exceeded a certain range of heartbeats.

Mi Band Finder

One of the main features of Bluetooth paired devices is that we can use one to find the other and vice versa. With it we can configure some settings to find both the mobile through the bracelet, and the bracelet through the mobile .

Finder Mi Band

Not only will alerts sound, but you can even set your phone’s camera flash to flash for easy viewing.