The cheapest graphics card to play CoD: Warzone

The enormous success of Battle Royale first with PUBG Mobile and then with Fortnite made no one want to be left behind and this included Activision-Blizzard and its Call of Duty, who launched their own game under the name as a complement to the main saga and as Free to Play game. But what is the cheapest graphics card to play Call of Duty: Warzone?

One particularity that Battle Royales must have is to be light in terms of requirements, since unlike other games of the genre, these occur with several dozen players in a very large area that is getting smaller and smaller. In honor of the famous Japanese movie of the same name. Therefore, we do not need to have a cutting-edge PC in terms of performance to be able to enjoy Call of Duty: Warzone.

The cheapest graphics card to play CoD: Warzone

The cheapest graphics card to play CoD: Warzone is…

… The NVIDIA RTX 3050 with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory

And it’s a much better option than shooting for a GTX 1660 for two important reasons. The first of them is that in the RTX we have the option of using DLSS 2.0 to gain a series of extra frames per second, which is always appreciated in this kind of game. The second is due to the fact that the architecture of this graphics card is superior and currently the price difference is zero. And believe us that those extra TFLOPS are noticeable in the performance of the game.

Call of DutyWarzone

And what is the performance I can expect to get? Well, quite satisfactory on a visual level and as far as the frame rate per second is concerned.

  • If we play Full HD, that is, 1920 x 1080 pixels on the screen:
    • We get an average of 120 FPS with the graphics on low,
    • On the other hand, if we activate the Ray Tracing the average stays beyond 80 FPS without the active DLSS.
    • If we activate it, it rises until it is close to 120 FPS.
  • In the event that we play in Quad HD or 2560 x 1440 pixels:
    • With low quality graphics it sits close to 80 FPS, with continuous fluctuations between 75 FPS and just over 90.
    • Surprisingly with RTX active at that resolution, but without DLSS it sits above 60 FPS, while with DLSS it sits north of 80 FPS.
  • If you play at 4K we do not recommend this card, it is not acceptable for a game of this genre to run at less than 60 FPS and in low quality it is close to 50 FPS.
    • With Ray Tracing active, the frame rate drops to just over 40 frames per second.
    • Ray Tracing+DLSS at 4K; 60FPS.

The data is taken from a PC with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 core, so the RTX 3050 becomes a good graphics card to play CoD Warzone at 1080 and 1440p, but we do not recommend it to play at 4K . The other option is to opt for a GTX 1660, which lacks DLSS and reaches Full HD graphics and the same performance in low quality, but without access to DLSS.