The best Xiaomi sound bars: great sound at an interesting price

At this point, there is no technological product that can resist Xiaomi . The Chinese giant has also made its first steps in the sound bar segment, with great results in both design and performance and the same great appeal: a very competitive price to improve the sound of your Smart TV.

If you had not considered Xiaomi for your next sound bar to watch your favorite movies, series or video games with impressive audio quality, these are some of its most attractive models from a value for money point of view.

The best Xiaomi sound bars

Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition

It is made up of a sound bar with two full-range speakers with two tweeters, a 6.5-inch subwoofer and 5 small speakers that in total offer up to 100 W of power , which allows us to improve the sound section of our television with total guarantee and thus be able to enjoy a complete audiovisual experience.

Xiaomi TV Speaker Theater Edition

The measurements of the sound bar are 900 x 63 x 102 mm and it weighs 2.3 kg. The subwoofer measures 240 x 240 x 306 mm and weighs 4.3 kg. Sleek black fabric mesh and aluminum alloy trim strips enhance its design to make it minimalist and suitable for all home environments.

This sound bar has multiple sound inputs such as its Bluetooth 5.0 connection, S/PDIF, coaxial and aux (3.5 mm jack). With this, you have the possibility to connect to play content from computers, TVs, smartphones and even iPads, among others.

This Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker has a modern design and wireless connectivity , which allows us to place the subwoofer in the room where it bothers us least or best seems to us, being able to place the bar on top of any piece of furniture, under the TV or anchored directly to the wall.

Xiaomi Sound Bar 3.1

It is an entry-level sound bar, which is why its price is more affordable, although its features are quite interesting, starting with its maximum power of 430 W. It offers 3.1 stereo sound that, as a result, gives clear and enveloping audio and it even has Dolby Audio technology and compatibility with DTS and DTS Virtual X .

Xiaomi 3.1

At just 6cm tall, this sound bar can be easily wall-mounted or placed in front of your TV without obstructing your view. It offers seven different modes to ensure that the sound is heard in the correct way. It typically features a night mode that compresses the dynamic range of audio to reduce sudden loud sounds and an AI sound mode to identify audio types and automatically switch them to other corresponding playback modes, including Standard, Cinema, Music, Games or News.

At the design level, it stands out for its elegant and simple metallic finish that fits well in any living room, although it is only available in black. This finish is very sober and barely offers a small dot-matrix OLED screen on the front right that shows information such as volume or different sound modes.

Redmi TV Sound Bar

If you were looking for a cheaper option to set up your home theater, take a look at Xiaomi’s Redmi TV soundbar. We are talking about a product that consists of an element that is capable of generating 2.0 sound without having exorbitant dimensions (78 x 6.40 x 6.30 centimeters) and that, as it weighs only 1.3 kilos, it is possible to hang it to the wall simply and safely.

Redmi TV Soundbar

In what has to do with the connectivity offered by the Xiaomi Redmi TV SoundBar, one of the things that attracts attention is the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0 . This, among other things, means you don’t have to put a lot of cables in between and it’s also possible to send music from smartphones and tablets.

Other connection options that exist in this accessory from the Asian company are an S/PDIF port compatible with digital quality and, also, a 3.5-millimeter jack. In general, there will be no problem connecting any television.