How MediaFire works, the web to upload and download files from the Internet for free


In a world as interconnected as the one we live in, it is normal and daily to need to transfer files to our contacts. Among the many options that we find on the Internet, one of the most prominent is MediaFire, a solution used by “more than 150 million people each month,” according to the company’s own data.

If you usually use other websites to upload and download files from the Internet, we will tell you about the advantages that MediaFire offers.

10 to 50 GB of free storage

One of the advantages that MediaFire continues to maintain is that free users have up to 10 GB of storage, although with the free account we can only upload files with a maximum weight of 200 MB .

This maximum amount of space can be increased with a series of actions. By referring your friends, you can raise the amount up to 39 GB , since for each friend who signs up with your referral code, you will earn one GB of space. Also by installing the mobile application you will get 200 MB more, the same amount as connecting your Twitter account or writing a tweet to share your experience with MediaFire with your followers.

Available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows, and the Web, MediaFire is the only online storage solution that offers unlimited downloads, download resume , zero wait times, and more, all for free. If you often use other services, you will know that there is usually a countdown and only one simultaneous download. MediaFire is, in this sense, one of the best alternatives to remove all kinds of unnecessary limitations.

Two payment plans in Mediafire

In addition to this free plan, MediaFire offers two payment methods : one designed for the standard user, although with certain features that make it even more complete, and another more specifically designed for the company.

Planes pago Mediafire

The MediaFire Pro account has a monthly cost of $3.75 if paid annually and $5 if paid month by month and is for a single user. It offers some advantages over the free version besides getting rid of ads, such as the ability to download entire folders at once, 1TB of storage space, up to 20GB file size, long-term storage, no captcha, direct links to files, file dragging, priority support, password-protected files, single-use links or customizable colors.

The other subscription, MediaFire Business , costs $50 per month and has 2TB of storage space, while keeping the limit of 20GB maximum per file. It has all the features described above for the Pro plan, but it also has fully customizable branding, a detailed security log, to see who has downloaded a file in question, and compatibility with more than 100 users.

There is no type of permanence and, in addition, after canceling your subscription, your services will continue until the end of the period for which you paid. When that period expires, your account will revert to a non-premium account.