The hidden problem of the MacBook Air that you will not like

The MacBook Air is an incredible device for most users looking to perform simple everyday tasks that avoids heating up thanks to passive heat dissipation. However, this solution can be lethal for your MacBook Air and in this post we are going to tell you why.

The hidden problem of the MacBook Air

The problem of not having a fan

Few drawbacks can be put to Apple‘s chips for their computers and laptops , due to their great performance, efficiency, and low consumption. However, the MacBook Air was the first processor to feature the M2 chip and it meant the complete removal of cooling inside its components, leaving only passive cooling to cool the unit.

This passive mechanism provides silence and less impact on the accumulation of dust and dirt . At first glance, this may seem like an advantage, but it really isn’t, because if the mechanism doesn’t dissipate heat, it makes it much more difficult to reduce the temperature of the components when you are doing difficult tasks.

Thermal throttling and performance drop

If the MacBook Air is not performing complex tasks, the device does not suffer from the heating problems mentioned above, but, of course, when you buy a device with such characteristics, look for it to respond efficiently to the activities you are doing, making them easier or complex and not be worried about overheating the computer and, in the worst case, reaching thermal throttling along with its subsequent drop in performance. In short, the absence of ventilation makes the MacBook Air unable to exert its sustained performance over time.

Teclado MacBook Air M2

Obviously, we are not talking about carrying out 3D projects on the MacBook Air because it is a team that is not thinking for it , but it is intended to carry out editing tasks in Lightroom or interface design in Figma or Adobe XD. That is where the MacBook Air can also reach high levels of temperature.

Reduced read speed of SSDs

We have already seen that Apple has removed the ventilation of the MacBook Air. However, it has not only been the only cut from the company, since it has also reduced the disk speed of the SSDs in the entry versions, that is, the 256 GB version, obtaining the most advanced reading values in the 512 GByte version.

The differences between the two SSDs are not very big, and it only affects when opening files or documents, although if you are not an expert user or have tried many devices , you will not notice much difference.

MacBook Air medianoche

By way of conclusion, from the bitten apple, we do not understand Apple’s decision to reduce the reading speed of SSDs in order to reduce the price of the products a little more or the complete removal of the fans from the MacBook Air, although, We can understand that Apple, when dealing with input devices and its most basic chip, understands that the group of users does not require high disk speeds for their workflow or active ventilation as in the MacBook Pro.

Leave us in the comment box what you think of this decision that Apple has made about this equipment.