The best thing you can do to avoid hacking your Facebook

We can say that Facebook is one of the social networks most used by hackers to attack. The fact of having so many users makes it very common to find malware of all kinds designed to steal passwords from this platform or Phishing strategies to try to enter. But beware, there are many cases in which anyone could break into your account and you don’t need to be an expert. Therefore, simply by taking into account these two tips that we are going to give you, you will improve security .

Two tips to prevent them from entering your Facebook


You should know that a very easy way for them to enter your account is if you make a mistake in the password . It is the main security barrier. If you do not use a suitable one, they will be able to access easily. But even if they use some more complex method to figure it out and succeed, you can prevent them from getting in. It is simple and we will explain how.

Use a very good password

Something fundamental is to use a good password . That is the first thing that will prevent them from entering your Facebook account. A common mistake is to put a simple password, that we can easily remember and that we also use on another site. But that can allow a hacker, or even someone you know, to get in without any problems.

The ideal is to have a password that is completely random . Avoid putting your name, date of birth or anything that has to do with you. It is essential that this key has letters (both uppercase and lowercase), numbers, and other special symbols. The harder it is, the better. It is important that you cannot memorize it, since that is a good sign.

You can help yourself with a password manager to create really secure passwords. There are many options and usually you can put different parameters such as the length of the access key, the characters you want to include (for example, that it has upper and lower case), etc. That helps you create a key that you’re not using already and is totally random.

Ideally, change your password from time to time. A key can be very secure today, but perhaps in a few months there will be a data breach and it will no longer be so. Therefore, our advice is to renew it from time to time and thus improve security.

Activate two-step authentication

But beyond using a good password, there’s another security measure you can use for added protection: two-factor authentication . It is very useful as it protects you even if an attacker has managed to steal your password. You will need a second step to be able to enter your account.

That second step can be a code that you receive on your mobile, through an SMS, or through a 2FA application. There are different options and it is really highly recommended to have this feature activated. Whenever you can, set it up on all your accounts and not just on Facebook.

How to activate two-step authentication on Facebook? To do this you have to enter your account, go to Settings and privacy, Settings, Security and login and there click on Use two-step authentication .

Activar la autenticación en dos pasos de Facebook

As you can see, protecting Facebook is very simple. What we have explained is the main thing, the most important thing. However, other factors also come into play such as common sense, having a good antivirus and the system always up to date. You can even prevent them from seeing your Facebook if it’s private.