The maximum time you should have your router on without rebooting

The router is a device that we all have on almost always. It can even go months without turning it off, unless there is a specific power outage. Now, is it good to leave it on for so long? In this article we are going to talk about how often you should restart the router to avoid problems. The goal is to achieve good stability, speed and no cuts appear.

How often to restart the router

In these cases it is better that you retire your router

Have you ever thought about how long was the last time you rebooted the router ? It is common to do this when we see that the Internet speed is not good or there are some kind of problems. The first thing we do is turn off and turn on the router. In fact, if we call the technical service for a problem, it is the first thing they will tell us to do. It is the same as when you have a failure on your computer or mobile and many times it is solved simply by restarting them.

There is no exact time to reboot the router, as it will depend on different factors. For example, it will depend on the number of devices you have connected, the model and the general use of the connection. But we can say that the ideal is to restart it at least once a month and, at most, every two months . That is exactly what they recommend from Movistar. Also, they say that the more frequent the reboots, the better.

But why is it important to restart the router at least once a month? From Movistar they tell us that the main reason is that files accumulate in the temporary memory of the device. This means that there may be problems and that it does not respond correctly to requests when we connect a device, such as a mobile phone, computer, television or simply light bulbs with Wi-Fi.

Think that the router also has its own system, even if it is simpler, like a mobile or computer has. If you get overwhelmed, if you need to solve a lot of requests, you can run into problems over time. Therefore, restarting it from time to time may be a good idea. Maximum two months, but if it is a month even better.

Successfully reboot the router

Now, rebooting your router isn’t just unplugging it and turning it back on immediately. It’s not a switch like a light bulb. To restart it correctly, it is essential to leave it off for at least 20 to 30 seconds and then turn it back on so that the restart is correct.

If you turn it off for just a second and turn it back on, there are processes that will continue the same. It does not finish turning off completely and, therefore, you are not going to solve certain problems that may exist. Waiting a bit before starting it again is what will really help you avoid problems.

You should not wait until you have problems to restart the router, but anticipate those failures. This way you will ensure that your connection is always stable. You can even connect it to a smart plug and, with some models, schedule automatic restarts . For example, you could schedule the plug to turn off for one minute, one day a week at some time during the early hours of the morning. In addition, some models of routers also allow you to configure these automatic reboots through the firmware.

In short, you shouldn’t wait more than two months to reboot your router. The more frequent the reboots, the better. This way you will avoid problems that affect the performance of your connection and speed.