What I have done in my house to save electricity and I already notice it

If you want to save on the electricity bill , it is important that you take into account certain tips. It is not enough just to decide to light less things at home, but also to use them correctly. Therefore, in this article I tell you what small changes I have made for this winter and how I have noticed less consumption at home. You will see that simply by making a few simple adjustments you can save money each month on your electricity bill.

Do this and you will save on the electricity bill

know if you should change the electricity rate and save

Four easy changes. That is what you need to be able to save light. Logically, you will save more or less depending on variables such as the type of appliance, how much you use it, how many people are at home, etc. But in all cases you will be able to achieve lower spending on your home.

Control home temperature

The first change you should make is to better control the temperature at home . At what temperature do you put the heating or air conditioning? With just a little adjustment you can save a lot. Think that each degree can make you consume about 7% more electricity.

The ideal is to have the heating at 20-21 degrees at the most. You don’t need more temperature. At night you can lower it to 16-17 without problems. But maintaining the temperature is also achieving good insulation. Prevent cold from outside, ventilate the house at times when the temperature is higher, etc.

Adjust the fridge temperature

The temperature of the refrigerator should also be taken into account. As in the case of heating or air conditioning, each degree will influence savings. You do not need to have a temperature that is too low, since that will cause you to consume more than necessary and pay more on the bill each month.

Ideally, the refrigerator should be at 4-6 degrees. If you put it at less than that, you don’t need it and you’ll be spending more. In the case of the freezer, the same. You must control the temperature well and have it at what you really need and not get cold.

Cambios en el frigorífico para ahorrar

Avoid high consumption devices

This point is important. You may have an appliance at home that consumes excessive electricity. Maybe an old heater, for example. Simply by avoiding using it and switching to a more modern, energy-efficient radiator , you could already save quite a bit. Keep in mind that, going back to the example of the heater, it could consume up to 2500 W perfectly.

Sometimes it’s good to change old appliances. Especially those that you use a lot at home, it may be a good idea to buy a new one. Although in the short term it is an investment, you will surely end up saving money.

Lower phantom consumption

Another step you should take is to try to reduce phantom consumption . It may seem that the savings are small, but the sum of many small things can save you quite a bit. In fact, it is estimated that phantom consumption can amount to over 10% of the total bill.

For example, you can use power strips to connect the television and other devices such as a video player, game console, speakers, etc. When you don’t need them, simply turn off the power strip and you can save electricity. You will not be wasting consumption unnecessarily.

As you can see, some small changes can come in handy to save electricity . You can apply it to your day to day and you will notice that at the end of the month you will pay less for the electricity bill. You can always rely on home automation, although it is important to avoid Wi-Fi outages so that everything works well.