The Best Smartband with Screen of 2020

At first the smartband that arrived on the market will not include any screen , since it was thought that this component was not very helpful. Time has changed this opinion, and now models that are of good quality include this element yes or yes. If you are behind getting an accessory of this type, we show what they should always have and, in addition, we will recommend some models that are very complete.

This wearables have become products that many choose them ahead of the smartwatch, since they are more comfortable and generally offer a much greater autonomy. For this reason, there are several companies that have a presence in the market segment we are talking about and that, over time, have optimized their products to become accessories for all kinds of purposes . In other words, they serve both to measure the physical activity that is performed and to check the notifications that arrive on the phone.


What should smartbands always offer with display

Before mentioning the panel itself, it is essential to check that the model purchased has a Bluetooth connection due. Ideally, this is 5.0, but failing that with 4.0 also meets the minimum requirements. If this is the case, energy consumption is not abused and, above all, it ensures excellent compatibility with the smartwatch currently available (which are essential for its operation).

Samsung Galaxy Fit e

Now it’s time to talk about the screen that these smartwatch should integrate. This, at a minimum, must have measures that are around the inch in dimensions. This, on the one hand, ensures that the contents shown look good and, on the other, ensure that the dimensions of the wearable accessory are not excessive. In addition, it is recommended that the panel be OLED type so that the consumption is not excessive, and that the color content is displayed (this is not essential, but it is recommended). Last but not least, that 200 nits of brightness is reached ensures that everything can be seen outdoors without excessive problems.

Another fundamental element that these products must offer is that they must integrate a heart rate sensor, so that they can detect what they have at all times and know the physical state (including the amount of oxygen in the blood) and, this, combine With one of movement . In this way, the accuracy of the data sent to the smartphone is adequate and correct conclusions can be drawn. Obviously, protection against water must be present, to ensure that sweat or rain is a problem.

Sueño medir smartband

Some additional options that are recommended

One of them is that the bracelets are interchangeable . This, in addition to having an aesthetic reason, also has another durability. With use this component may deteriorate, so it is a good idea to offer this possibility to replace it if necessary.

In what has to do with autonomy, the ideal is that the model selected, reaches seven days of habitual use . Less is very little for a smartband … so doubt any model that does not offer this time of use without having to recharge. By the way, the synchronization software must be as complete as possible and that, among other things, allows you to manage what is displayed on the screen (it must be available for both iOS and Android).

Deporte con una smartband

Finally, there is something that is important: weight. Being an accessory that is going to be worn constantly, even when showering, it is more than advisable to not exceed 50 grams . This amount is adequate so that you do not notice that the smartband is worn and, therefore, comfort is total.

Smartband with screen that are recommended

Next, we leave models that you should not miss in case you intend to buy one of these wearable accessories that have become universal:

Samsung Galaxy Fit

With a large number and sensors, such as the heart rate itself or a gyroscope, this model is very accurate when displaying the physical activity data that is performed. Its 120 mAh battery allows an autonomy that exceeds the week without problems, and weighs less than 32 grams. Right everything, really. It can be carried when swimming as it supports five atmospheres, and there is no lack of the option of knowing the quality of sleep.

Smartband Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung Galaxy Fit – Smartwatch, Silver / Black

EUR 83.85

Fitbit Charge 3

The design offered by this smartband is excellent, with high quality finishes and excellent screen integration. It is able to recognize a large number of exercises automatically, which always adds a plus of comfort in use. Without compatibility problems, the touch screen that it includes is of great quality and can be seen exceptionally outdoors. He does not lack resistance to the guide and his autonomy reaches seven days.

Smartband Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 Advanced Health and Physical Activity Bracelet, Unisex-Adult, Rose Gold / Gray, One Size

EUR 99.90

Garmin Vívosmart HR +

This is one of the few models that does not have a color screen that is currently worth assessing. Its panel looks great outdoors, so the above is not a serious problem. Of course, it offers an exceptional job when it comes to recognizing physical activity, with an addition that is the use of GPS since it includes this possibility inside. Good autonomy, there is no lack of good notification management.

Smartband Garmin Vívosmart HR+

Garmin Vívosmart HR + – GPS activity bracelet, Purple, Regular

EUR 104.64

Polar A370

This is a smartband in which everything that is done with it is executed with excellent quality. Thus, for example, your heart rate sensor is really efficient, and the management of all the messages that arrive from the smartphone are managed very properly. The color screen that integrates looks great outdoors, and all this is achieved with a wearable accessory that weighs less than 40 grams. A good purchase option.

Imagen de la pantalla de Polar A370

Polar A370 Fitness watch with GPS connected and Wrist heart rate. Activity 24/7 – Black, M / L

EUR 119.99


From Huami’s hand comes this device that has no cracks in general. Perhaps the biggest handicap is that the screen it integrates is IPS, so it consumes more than necessary (but reaches a range of more than a week). Those items, the glass of this component is protected with Gorilla Glass. It does not lack a high protection against the guide, you can swim with this accessory, and it stands out that its case is made of stainless steel.

Smartband AMAZFIT Cor

AMAZFIT Cor Huami Smart Bracelet, Smartband, Water Resistant, 1.23 “Touch Screen, Heart Rate, Sports and Sleep Tracker and Notifications

EUR 49.99

Huawei band

A model that is economical but not for that reason is exempt from good functions. Some of the most prominent is that it allows you to keep a good control of the quality of sleep that the user performs. With an AMOELD screen of quite good quality, it offers excellent autonomy: up to two weeks of use, so in this section it stands out clearly. It offers a water resistance that reaches 5 atmospheres.

Smartband Huawei Band

HUAWEI Band 3 Pro Activity Bracelet, Adult Unisex, Blue (Space Blau), One Size

EUR 39.99

Fitbit Inspire HR

This is a model that does not offer a color screen, but as it looks perfectly outdoors it should not be missing from the list. Its large screen compared to the body allows you to see the notifications or the exercise that is done with great solvency. Compatible with iOS and Android, there is no shortage of advanced options when it comes to, for example, measuring sleep. Its panel is OLED which allows it to have a good autonomy and, in addition, offers water resistance.

Smartband Fitbit Inspire HR

Fitbit Inspire HR, Health and physical activity wristband with heart rate, Black

EUR 79.95

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This manufacturer has become a reference in the market, and the truth is that it offers a device that offers everything that could be needed with a really attractive price. Its color screen is quite good, with a brightness above 200 nits, and effective integrated sensors (but you have to start the exercise that is done since this is not automated). It is resistant to the guide and the autonomy it offers reaches two weeks, so very good.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Activity Bracelet, Activity Monitors, Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Smartwatch Bracelet with 0.95 Color AMOLED Screen, with iOS and Android, Black (Global Version)

EUR 30.99

Garmin Vivosmart 4

This model has been included in the list because of the excellent design it offers, it is really attractive. It does not lack a lot of possibilities, such as automatically recognizing the exercise or that the water is not even a problem when using it. Its autonomy reaches a week without problems, but it has no color on its screen … which, on the other hand, sees us very badly outdoors. This smartband is compatible with iOS and Android.

Smartband Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 Activity Bracelet, Unisex Adults, Garnet, One Size

EUR 97.99

Honor Band 5

Another of the models that does not have a crazy price and that does not lack an OLED screen gives color that is combined with an autonomy that surpasses without problems with more than a week of use. With water protection and the ability to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood, it is an accessory that is recommended as it even allows you to control multimedia reproductions. Its strap is interchangeable, and there are many spheres to vary its appearance.

Honor Band 5

Honor Band 5 Smart Watch 0.95 “AMOLED Color Screen 50M Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor Wristbands for different sport modes (Black)

EUR 32.99