Best Electric Scooters You Can Buy for Less than 350 Euros

Every time we see more electric scooters in the streets. And, this type of products is becoming one of the most used means of transport. More than anything because its mobility and versatility options make this gadget one of the biggest stars in any gift list.

As usual, the first models that were released had an exorbitant price. But little by little we are finding much cheaper solutions, and that offer a high quality price ratio. Yes, it is possible to buy cheap electric scooters, but you have to know very well which model to choose.


More than anything because there is a wide range of electric scooters with which to move around the city in the most comfortable way possible. But you have to know a couple of tricks and tips that allow you to choose the model that best suits your needs. Maybe you prefer a device that offers great speed. Or you are looking for great autonomy. You might even have a very tight budget, and therefore you are looking for a cheap electric scooter and that fulfills its purpose: take you wherever you want without major pretensions.

patinetes eléctricos

Is it worth buying an electric scooter?

Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding yes. For starters, any device of this type is foldable , so you can take it anywhere. You can put it in the trunk of the car if you travel, or even take it on the train. You can also upload it to any public transport, so its possibilities are really varied.

In addition, its ease of use makes it a highly recommended product. Yes, at the beginning it can be scary, but once you get used to using it (it will take a couple of hours to catch the trick), you will see that it is a very simple product to use and that you can get the most out of. Without a doubt, one of those purchases that you will make the most of. The best? You only need a plug to charge it.

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Autonomy, one of the most important elements of an electric scooter

And, if you buy an electric scooter that offers too little autonomy , you will realize that cheap is expensive. More than anything because, at the worst moment it can leave you lying down. Yes, you can find solutions at the price of scandal, but if you want to enjoy one hundred percent of the user experience offered by this type of gadgets, you better follow this compilation, where we will recommend models that will meet your needs to spare a maximum price of 350 euros.

Obviously, you can find electric scooters with better performance, but at a significantly higher price. And seeing the solutions that we are going to recommend, it will be clear that you will not need anything better to move around your city in an ecological, comfortable and very economical way.

Xiaomi M365

Xiaomi M365

We begin this compilation with one of the best electric scooters that you will find within this price range. Not to say the best. Yes, the Xiaomi M365 is a true beast, with a range of scandal and an attractive design. The best? That is now on eBay cheaper than ever, so do not miss this bargain before it runs out.

Patinete eléctrico Phaewo

Phaewo electric scooter

Another model to consider is this model of the manufacturer Phaweo . We speak of a model that reaches 20 kilometers of autonomy, in addition to having aluminum brake discs and LED panel where you can see at all times the remaining battery.

Patinete eléctrico Evercross

Evercross electric scooter

Another model to consider is this electric scooter from the manufacturer Evercross . Eye, that this model reaches 30 kilometers per hour speed, in addition to supporting up to 130 kilograms of weight, and offer a range of a minimum of 20 kilometers. The best? That now you can buy this model with a discount of 34 percent, a detail to consider.

Patinete eléctrico SC 9XTrail

Electric Scooter SC 9X Trail

Are you looking for a lightweight model with good autonomy? Do not miss the SC 9X Trail , a model with 25 kilometers of autonomy, a speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour, disc brakes and a fast folding system that will allow you to take it anywhere in the most comfortable way possible. The best? That this model does not exceed 200 euros. It’s all a bargain!

Megawheels S5, uno de los mejores patinetes eléctricos baratos

Megawheels S5

Another excellent option to take into account is the Megawheels S5 , a model that supports a weight of up to 120 kilograms, in addition to an excellent autonomy that reaches without problems the 20 kilometers. Add your ease of folding, light to illuminate the street at night, in addition to a very attractive price to be faced with an option to consider.

Cecotec Bongo Series 1 

Cecotec Bongo Series 1

Without a doubt, Cecotec is becoming a benchmark when it comes to acquiring any technological product. And yes, it also has some really complete electric scooters. Like the Bongo Series 1 , a model with a battery of up to 25 kilometers, 3 driving modes and ratings on Amazon that confirm that your purchase is a sure hit.

Cecotec Bongo Series A electric scooter. Maximum power of 700 W, Interchangeable Battery, unlimited autonomy up to 25 km, 8,5 ”Tubeless anti-blowout wheels, 3 Driving modes

EUR 299.00

ZWheel E9, uno de los mejores patinetes eléctricos

ZWheel E9

Following this compilation of the best electric scooters that you can buy for less than 350 euros, we have this model E9 from the manufacturer ZWheel . We talk about a product with an autonomy of up to 25 kilometers per hour, and that stands out for having an LED screen where you can see the battery level and the speed you carry while enjoying this fun gadget.

ZWheel Electric Scooter E9 Basic ZLion 25 km / h 300W Electric Scooter Motor (E9 Basic)

EUR 268.50

Patinete eléctrico RCB

RCB electric scooter

On the other hand, we have another of the best options to consider. And, this RCB scooter has all kinds of functionalities. The best? That through its bluetooth support you can see all kinds of information of your device through mobile phone. The best? It has front and rear lights so you can be seen without difficulty while driving.

RCB Electric Scooter 8.5 Inch, Folding Scooter, Light Electric Scooter, Bluetooth and Built-in APP, 7.5Ah Long Life Battery, Scooter for Adults and Teenagers

EUR 305.10

Patinete eléctrico Urbetter 

Urbetter electric scooter

In this case we are facing an all-in-one, which will allow you to buy a pack more than enough for all situations. The reason? This electric scooter comes with a gift cover , so you can transport it in a really comfortable way and without major problems. Taking into account that it also offers a range of 30 kilometers, which makes it the best battery model, is one of the best options to consider.

Urbetter Electric Scooter Folding Scooter E-Scooter Battery 350W Youth Adult, Explosion Proof Tire Honeycomb 30Km – S1 Pro (A Black)

EUR 303.99

Patinete eléctrico Megawheels

Megawheels electric scooter

To conclude with this compilation of the best electric scooters that you can buy for less than 350 euros, we bring you another Megawheels model that stands out for its tight price. A really light device (does not reach 9 kilograms), in addition to having an LED on one of its sides so you can see the remaining battery.

And eye, that despite its tight price, you have a model with great autonomy and a speed that reaches 23 kilometers per hour. A product for your day to day and that will not disappoint you.

M MEGAWHEELS Electric Scooter-Scooter Adult and child, Height Adjustable, 5000 mAh, 23km / h. (Red)

EUR 199.00