All Minecraft commands for mobile

What is clear to us, that the passage of time for Minecraft to go out of style is not just around the corner. And not only because of all the mods that are being released, but rather because of the entire world of streamers that continue to bring this Microsoft game to life, from series like ‘Tortilla Land’, to the ‘Los Juegos del Calamar’ tournament. And they are not the only ones.

However, few know that, from their own mobile, be it Android or iPhone, they can enjoy this title. You can even use the famous commands to change the time of day, if it’s rainy or sunny, teleport and much more. These tricks, believe it or not, are very simple. We will only need our mobile, the game and a series of prerequisites that we will explain below. Plus, you won’t even have to connect a keyboard to your smartphone.

All Minecraft commands for mobile

How are they activated?

Although it is relatively easy to get to use Minecraft commands on mobile , it is clear that the first thing we must do, apart from downloading the game on our smartphone, will be to create the world in which we will play for hours and days. And it is that, if we do not establish the correct options, we will not be able to use the long list of tricks that we will see later.

Therefore, we recommend that you follow these steps before you dive headlong into creating it on your own:


  1. Enter the game that you have downloaded from the App Store or Google Play .
  2. Click on the Play button.
  3. Now, tap on the Create New > Create New World option. Basically, what we will do is design the world in which we are going to play from scratch.
  4. Here, you will be able to choose the name, the difficulty, the game mode that you prefer. So here we leave you to choose what you like the most.
  5. After you’ve selected the other options, you’ll need to go to the Player Permissions feature when joining from an invite > choose Operator . In this way, those people who join your world will also be able to use the Minecraft cheats.
  6. Go down to the Cheats section and click on the switch to activate them. Check that the Command Block option is also automatically enabled.
  7. Finally, press the Create button that will appear on the left side of the screen.

Is it bad to activate it?

Not at all, but you will lose the option of being able to obtain achievements in this world while you are playing. Otherwise, everything will be the same. Also, if you do not enable the Cheats box you will not be able to use them.

logros Minecraft

And keep in mind that depending on the server you join, no matter how many commands you know, they may be disabled by the administrator. So you won’t always be able to use them. Even some may not work for you depending on the server you play on. This is due to all the changes that have been taking place within Minecraft with the different updates.

How are they used

In this kind of Minecraft guide we want to make it clear that on the computer it is totally different to do it than on mobile phones since for PCs it will be as simple as pressing the T key on the keyboard. On the other hand, on smartphones you will have to display the Chat from the button in the form of a speech bubble that will appear at the top of the panel, next to the pause icon.

Once we have displayed the Minecraft Chat and commands , there will be no added complication, since it is as simple as clicking on the gray bar to display the phone keyboard and putting the / symbol.

After this icon, you will need to type the game command you want to use. Even, as an aid, the Microsoft title itself will tell us different tricks depending on the first letter we write, in addition to the function that it will execute. In this way, we will quickly stay what each one is for.

Comandos de Minecraft

In addition, we must take into account the parameters that could be used, that is, we can quickly apply a command to another player if we use the following commands, as long as we have previously entered the slash ‘/’ and the name of the trick . Then, we will have to write the following shortcuts to name other players:

  • @p: the player closest to you
  • @r: a random player.
  • @to all players.
  • @e: all entities.
  • @s: The entity that is going to execute the command.

And not only do you have to know this, but there are a series of Minecraft tricks for mobile that involve movement, so it will be necessary to control the coordinates of the game. So, here’s how they’re determined within Microsoft’s game:

  • X , East/West Position: Positive value increases towards East, negative towards West.
  • And , Up/Down in the world: positive numbers go up, negative numbers go down.
  • Z , South/North in the game: the value increases towards the South, while the negative goes towards the North.

Minecraft commands

Now that we know how to create a world in Minecraft with cheats , as well as how they have to be written once we are in the game. It is time to go to see the great list of commands that we can use. Remember that it will be important that you write them as they are so that they work correctly for you.

Pociones en Minecraft

For weather and climate

These will be basic if we are tired of it always being sunny, rainy, or that the night lasts a thousand years compared to the days:

  • / time set day : makes day.
  • / time set night : It gets dark.
  • / time set 18000 : to set midnight.
  • / time set 12000 : we will get it to get dark.
  • / time set 6000 : It’s noon.
  • / time set 0 : for sunrise to start.
  • / gamerule doDaylightCycle false – Do not time out in the game.
  • / time query gametime : Return to game time.

Although here we can use the base of / time add to add a value to the time of the game that we want, or / time set to use a specific time. And for the weather they are as follows:

  • / weather clear : blue and clear sky.
  • / weather rain : to put the rain.
  • / weather thunder : it rains and lightning strikes.
  • / gamerule doWeatherCycle false : keep the weather that was.

Change the difficulty

If it seems to us that the world is too easy for us, we can change the difficulty:

  • / peaceful difficulty : switch to peaceful mode.
  • / difficulty easy : Set to an Easy mode.
  • / difficulty normal : Change to Normal.
  • / difficulty hard: Set to Hard.

for game modes

As in the previous case, we also find commands in Minecraft to change the mode of the world:

  • / gamemode 0 : Survival.
  • / gamemode 1 : Creative.
  • / gamemode 2 : Adventure.
  • / gamemode 3 : Spectator.


Enchant items in Minecraft

Perhaps what we are looking for is to go to the mine and enchant all our armor, swords, as well as other objects. For this reason, it will be important that you use the following command: / enchant charactername (yours) enchantname ( the one you want to add) enchantlevel (the name you want to apply).

have or give an object

If you are tired of looking for diamonds to complete your armor, or you can’t find the material for a specific crafting, relax because this command will help you get the item in seconds: / give charactername (yours) itemname (the one you want to get) item quantity (how many objects do you want). It will also help you to give objects to other people if you put their name instead of yours.

for teleportation

Stop traveling kilometers and kilometers within the world that you have created in Minecraft, with this trick you will get where you want. You just have to look at the coordinates and write the following command: / tp name (your character’s name) XYZ (coordinates where you want to go). Although also if you play with more people and want to reach their location use the following: /tp yourname yourfriend’s name. And if you want to bring your friend with you, change the order of the names.

Summon NPCs

You may be a ‘troll’ friend who wants to have a laugh with his friends on the server. And the best way to do it will be by summoning a Minecraft ‘boss’: / summon name (of the mob) XYZ (set the coordinates where you want the creature or character to appear).

Zombie Minecraft

kill other players

The good thing about this is that nobody will be able to contradict you on your server. You can even eliminate other entities such as mobs and even objects. To do this, you’ll need to type the following cheat: / kill charactername (whether it’s a player, mob, or object).

More varied commands

To finish with the huge list of all Minecraft tricks or commands for mobile, here we leave you another repertoire that will also catch your attention:

  • / ability : you can give, remove or consult the ability of any player.
  • / advancement : give, remove or check player progress.
  • / attribute : query, add, remove or set an entity attribute.
  • / ban : bans any player.
  • / banlist : you will be able to see the list of bans.
  • / camerashake – Used to enable a camera shaking effect.
  • / classroommode – You will be able to edit restricted blocks.
  • / clear – Removes any item from a player’s inventory.
  • / clone : you will copy blocks from one place to another.
  • / collect : you will be able to collect all the objects within a block around you.
  • / defaultgamemode – Sets the default gamemode.
  • / effect : add or remove status effects, such as poison or similar.
  • / fill : fills a specific area with a specific block.
  • / loot – Drops inventory items on the ground.
  • / msg – Displays a private message to other players.
  • / gamerule keepInventory true : You will be able to keep all the inventory you have, even if you die.
  • / experience add : it is used to add an amount of experience to our player.
  • / dropstore – Drops all inventory items and stores them in a chest.
  • / help CommandName : the game will give you information about the cheat you want.
  • / freeze – Freezes all entities in the game.
  • / instantplant : for plants to grow instantly.
  • / waterdamage – Turns water damage on or off.
  • / falldamage “: Turn fall damage on or off.
  • / firedamage ” – Turns fire damage on or off.
  • / itemdamage – Turns damage on items on or off.
  • / duplicate : copies the object that we have in hand.
  • / superheat : melts objects and materials.
  • / atlantis : the level of the seas and oceans rises on large scales.
  • / ride : Puts the creature you are looking at on a mount.
  • / instantmine : You break all the blocks with a single hit with any tool.
  • / save : Prepare a backup, query its status, or summarize it.
  • / save –all saves the server to disk.
  • / setmaxplayers : Sets the maximum number of players allowed to enter the world.
  • / spreadplayers : tp entities to random places.
  • / stopsound : stops a sound.
  • / worldbuilder – Enable restricted block editing.