The best board games for console, PC and mobile

best board games for console, PC and mobile

Board games are a form of entertainment that has been with us for thousands of years and that still allows fans to remember old times accompanied by their best friends. In addition, in recent times we have seen an explosion of novelties in the heat of a fashion that has returned them to the front page of the toys preferred by those who, above all, have not given up the experience of getting together in a limited partnership and spending unforgettable afternoons. creating empires, answering questions, solving murders or buying properties.

Juegos de Mesa.

A fashion with a lot of tradition

Although board games are a form of leisure that human beings have developed for many years (some remains date back 5,000 years), those of us who have lived in these times have seen how those wonders that are designed to be played on a board and with a worked set of cards, they made the leap to digital format. From the table in the living room or living room to the screens of computers and consoles, to those of tablets and smartphones.

Now, we already know that it is not the same, that surely this experience is not even similar to that of the original board game with its premium version of figurines and others, but they remain a useful tool to spend time in company when we do not have by hand the original toy. So in a fit of nostalgia we have decided to list all those board game classics that have made the leap to electronic format and that are worth having on hand, in case you decide to play a few games in an afternoon with friends who twists By the way, right above you have one of the first digital versions of a board game… guess what it is?

The best board game video games

We are going to list the cases of those titles that have already been a success in their life as board games and that, on computers, consoles, tablets and mobiles, have been revived to cajole a new generation that does not seem to be interested in anything beyond of what happens on those screens. So without further ado, let’s start:

Trivial Pursuit Live! two

The most recent of the adaptations of a Parker Brothers classic such as the 1979 Trivial Pursuit and which now belongs to the Hasbro brand. Surely you all remember those first adaptations for computers in the 80s that caused a furor, although this time Trivial Pursuit Live! 2 is more complete and offers a more advanced show: several participants on the screen, a television quiz format and many questions to answer to win the already mythical quesitos . On top of that, it has a Twitch mode that will delight those who want to take this contest to the gaming streaming platform par excellence. You have it available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Stadia.

Monopoly (Madness)

The classic Hasbro game is one of the guest stars at parties with friends or family. Who has not ruined all those who accompanied him after a couple of master purchases in the most expensive neighborhood? In addition, this success has been reinforced on many occasions with a huge number of adaptations to the world of video games , both on consoles and computers and mobile phones or tablets. One of the most realistic, compared to the original, is available thanks to Marmalade Game Studio on the App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android, respectively.

But the latest video game based on the board game comes from Ubisoft: Monopoly Madness , which is a significantly different experience from the original where we have a board, properties to acquire but, in addition, they have added a somewhat strange multiplayer action extra which leads to the screen being filled with characters and artifacts capable of destroying, repairing and many other actions. If you are open to new experiences, it is worth trying it, but we have already warned you that at times it is too far from the classic Monopoly experience. You have it available for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia and Nintendo Switch.


Since its creation in 1995, Catan has been one of the most successful games at family gatherings and has since seen all kinds of expansions and extra content. In the field of video games, it is surely one of the most versioned franchises for more than a decade, with releases for all imaginable platforms. From PCs and Macs to consoles like PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and everything in between, including mobile phones and tablets like the iPad.

Currently, we have the most modern versions for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 with a Catan VR that is spectacular, although less collaborative than the normal modes where we can enjoy with several people at the same time. Even so, it is not bad to try it because it looks very good.

Ticket to Ride

Without a doubt, one of the most popular games in recent years that has seen digital versions arrive everywhere. Ticket to Ride invites us to open railway routes on an extensive map and keep the exploitation of the most popular lines by defeating all those who play in the same game. It has arrived for many platforms with a version really similar to the original. In addition, we can enjoy with several friends at the same time, so the fun is guaranteed. If you want to take it with you, you have versions for iPhone and iPad and Android, as well as Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.


Another of the classics of many family gatherings at Christmas (especially) where the objective is to dominate as much of the territory as possible and get hold of the most valuable portions of the board. A really simple concept that has the advantage that we will never play on two identical maps. In its digital version we will have exactly the same rules and possibilities to compete against other people, so it maintains all its appeal and fun. You have it available on mobile phones with iOS or Android, iPad, PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch.


Surely there is no game as classic as Cluedo , which we have all played at some point and which pushes us to unravel the mystery of a murder: who, where and with what? They will be the three questions that we will have to solve together with several friends and family. Marmelade Game Studio has released what is now the latest, official version of the original Parker Brothers (now Hasbro) board game. You have it available for mobile phones with iOS or Android, iPad, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam.

A Game of Throne The Board Game

Based on the board game, this adaptation includes all the elements of the original creation where we must take charge of one of the houses that govern the territories of Westeros and make our way conquering all the domains that we can, respecting the rules imposed for his toy version. Luckily we have a digital version that, at the moment, we only have available for PC through Steam.

Hero Quest

With your permission, we have been encouraged to bring this classic for two reasons: the first because a few weeks ago, in February, a new version of tabletop HeroQuest arrived in stores , with an extraordinary edition, very elaborate and with details that will drive old fans of this role-playing marvel crazy. But also, and more importantly, because you have an official game (or rather two) that were programmed between the end of the 80s and the beginning of the 90s , which are two true masterpieces.

Thanks to computer emulators such as ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64 or Amstrad CPC, you will be able to see what a job well done adapting a role-playing game is, although if you want to enjoy yourself as authentic vintage gamers with the best of all adaptations, We recommend that you look for the Commodore Amiga version that not only improved graphics to all previous views, but also has a faster and more agile development.