The best Amazon Prime Video series according to critics

Prime Video is one of the most popular platforms in Spain thanks to the fact that it and all its content can be accessed with the Prime subscription from the Amazon store, which has led it to rival the giants that ruled the sector in our country, such as Netflix or Movistar and its cable (or satellite) television, heir to the old Canal+ and later to Canal Satélite Digital. With close to 20% screen share, North Americans continue to feed their catalog with original series that are gradually penetrating the collective imagination.

best Amazon Prime Video series according to critics

The best we can see on Prime Video

Of all of them, The Boys is surely the most celebrated, since it has been counting its seasons by successes thanks to a parish of faithful who have become hooked on the adventures of a really dangerous group of superheroes. Although you still miss some fictions, such as the one produced in Spain about El Cid , and even one of the first that launched the platform back in 2015, such as The Man in the Castle , based on the homonymous novel by Philip K. Dick and that takes us to a dystopian world after a Second World War won by the Nazis.

Be that as it may, what we have selected are the ten Prime Video series that have obtained the best rating on IMDB, the largest database on the internet and which houses any information you can imagine about actors, technicians, producers, companies, musicians and any other work related to cinema, television, documentaries and whatever you can think of. Furthermore, that information extends as far as the eye can see, from the time the first film was made a little over a century ago and right up to now.

And since we trust their ratings, because they are the product of the votes of millions of viewers, we have selected the ten most important original series titles . And they are these:

our look

A series with a deep vindictive vision that is taken with a certain humor, but much more drama, the autism suffered by its three protagonists and that will lead them to do their best to keep their jobs , fall in love and make friends without their lives being affected. . You will fall in love with Jack, Harrison and Violet who, so far, have only starred in a single season.

The Boys

Surely it is the series that has served to define Prime Video in recent years and a hymn to irreverence and excessive situations. The Boys is an extraordinary series of superheroes but with a twist that we encourage you to discover. You have two huge seasons available that you cannot miss.


Despite its appearance, this Prime Video series touches on topics such as time travel or quantum physics in a very different way than other productions have treated it. Alma is a young woman in her early thirties who lives in the city of San Antonio, Texas. About to die from a car accident, she will discover that she can now perceive the passage of time in a completely unique way.


Seven seasons light up this series that is a veteran and that you have available in full Prime Video. The story tells us the adventures of Harry Bosch, a detective from the Los Angeles Police Homicide Division who tries to solve the murder of a 13-year-old boy while experiencing first-hand the trial of a serial killer who still has many things to say.


It is very possible that you have never heard of it, but it is one of the great surprises that Prime Video can bring you. In it you will meet a woman who is a complete loser, who is not very sure if she is a good feminist and who, after the loss of her mother and her best friend, will wander the world trying to find out what the meaning of her existence is. . Comedy and drama in equal parts that you will love.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

This series has four really good seasons in which they take us to New York at the end of the 50s of the last century, where Miriam Maisel leads an excellent life with her husband and two children. Suddenly, her routine as a housewife will radically change when she discovers her innate talent for comedy.

Mozart in the Jungle

As in the previous case, we will also have four seasons for one of the most recognized series of recent years. An original story in which sex, drugs and classical music come together, starring a character named Hailey Rutledge, who plays the oboe in a New York symphony orchestra. His relationship with the director will be part of the conflict that we will see chapter by chapter.


It seems the magic number but it is surely a coincidence. Goliath has four seasons available on Prime Video where they tell us the story of Billy McBride, a lawyer disgraced by the profession and who reluctantly agrees to file a murder lawsuit against the firm that he believes is behind a deadly conspiracy. Mystery and suspense until the end.


The only cartoon fiction that is not exactly focused on the youngest and that will appeal to a more adult audience. It’s not that explicit or sensitive themes are touched on, but its approach around a superhero is very fresh and original. Mark Grayson, 17, would be a normal boy if it weren’t for his father being the most powerful superhero on the planet, known as Omni-Man. Mark will also discover that the legacy that his father may leave him is not as heroic as he might have originally imagined.


It is, surely, one of the strangest series that you can imagine , which alternates absurd moments with others that are completely anthological. John Tavner, an intelligence officer, must prevent Iran from launching its nuclear program, so he will have to use all his weapons to achieve that goal. He take a look at her… rarer than a green dog!

How to watch the series from worst to best?

Having seen the 10 best original series that we can find on Prime Video right now, it’s time to order them from worst to best according to the ratings we find on IMDB and, the truth is that you are going to get some surprises than another, especially in the first positions where it seems clear that the superhero genre is not fading. This is the final standings:

  • Our look: 8.1
  • Mozart in the Jungle: 8.1
  • Goliath: 8.2
  • Patriot: 8.2
  • Undone: 8.2
  • Bosch: 8.5
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: 8.7
  • Invincible: 8.7
  • Fleabag: 8.7
  • The Boys: 8.7