The battery, the lag and other failures of OxygenOS 13 that disappoint in OnePlus

The presentation of OxygenOS 13 promised many exciting new features and features. With it, inspired by nature, Android 13 arrives on OnePlus devices, as promised. And a lot.

However, in many cases it has caused a sensation not because of its advantages but because of its drawbacks. The truth is that it has come with many errors and failures , and this is creating great discontent in many people.

failures of OxygenOS 13

There are things that do not end up working well in the new customization layer, nor to this day when some time has passed since the brand’s mobile phones have begun to receive the update. For this reason, we hope that the brand will put the batteries to fix them and give its users a more satisfactory experience. Some have been recognized and assured that they would solve it, but so far this has not been the case.

While they are not fixed yet, we will tell you about the main problems with the new OxygenOs 13 customization layer that are giving real headaches to the brand’s mobile owners.

The battery drains quickly

There are many OnePlus users who complain on Internet forums, Twitter and the brand’s support page for experiencing battery problems after installing this update on their mobiles. It is indeed one of the major issues OnePlus 9 users are facing as their battery life is very short right after upgrading to the new layer when they were doing fine before.

Almost 2 months ago this error was recognized that caused abnormal battery drain for many users with OnePlus 9, 9 Pro, 9R and 9RT phones after the update. It seems that it has not been solved because there are still users who complain that their battery does not last at all, without there being anything they can do to recover the previous autonomy.

They have a lot of lag

Some users seemed to have fixed their issues with the new customization layer until they ran into new lags and stability issues. Those looking for a smooth OnePlus be prepared because, as we have seen on Twitter and internet forums, the new customization layer is causing lag on some devices. For now we do not know if there are many affected or are some specific cases.

Screen flickers after update

In various Internet sites and forums we have verified how many users have begun to notice that their screen flickered or showed a horizontal line after having updated to the new operating system. It has been seen in several models, especially OnePlus 9, 8 and 8 Pro. All of them agree that the update has damaged their screen and they wonder why create phones with good components if the software kills them.

línea verde pantalla oneplus

Although this is a problem that began to occur a few months ago, and OnePlus assured that they would fix it, it continues to happen to more users today.

Permissions issues

It is not in itself that there are problems with the permissions, but rather that nothing more to update asks you for permissions. If you don’t accept them, it doesn’t let you move forward , so it forces you to make this decision first without giving you the chance to think about it.

Although they claim that it is to improve your user experience, and it probably is, you can do nothing but accept if you want to finally try Android 13 on your mobile. So you only have to accept them, yes or yes.