Coolwalk from Android Auto is here, but with a major problem in cars

There are many people who are waiting for the famous Android Auto update to arrive with a new innovative design, Cookwalk, to the screen of their car. However, others are already testing it and they don’t like what they are seeing at all. This problem is affecting their screens and the user experience of the famous application that has been designed to reduce distractions while driving.

The long-awaited update has arrived late, but it is finally being progressively incorporated into vehicle screens in its stable version since the beginning of this year. However, it is not available in all, so it could arrive in your vehicle over the next few weeks . But beware! Right now it hides an important problem that you should take into account.

Coolwalk from Android Auto

This is what happens to many screens

Coolwalk is an update to Android Auto that brings a much easier and improved graphical interface, adapted to the hardware qualities of the screens. However, it is becoming quite a nuisance for many people who are testing it in its stable version because it does not take full advantage of the screen of their vehicles . It does not happen in a single make of vehicle in particular, but it has occurred in several of them.

This is something that depends only on Google and how it is doing the distribution between cars and smartphones. Although there are also those who think that the error could be in the vehicles or in an incorrect data transmission in regard to the key technical data of the screens. If the car shares a percentage of the screen with Android Auto, this app cannot make the most of its space. In any case, and that is what we hope, it is most likely that Android Auto is a problem that can be fixed with a new update.

To give us an idea of what is happening, we can see a photo sent by a user to Smartdroid of the screen of his Hyundai i30:

Hyundai i30 pantalla Android auto como se ve

We can also see that there are many people who complain that Coolwalk does not use the full screen on their Mercedes , like the image of this user showing what Android Auto looks like with Coolwalk on his Mercedes GL 2021:

coolwalk se ve mal mercedes

There are other complaints regarding the operation of Android Auto after the update, such as a user who complains that he does not see the full screen in his music player or Waze not working, among others.

In any case, Google has confirmed that this long-awaited update is not yet complete and that the new interface depends on connected vehicles . Currently, there are so many car models, smartphones and screens that it is difficult to fully adapt to all of them. We’ll see how he finally fixes it.

So will the apps you use to work perfectly in the new improved interface. Have you already received it or are you waiting for it to appear on the screen of your vehicle?