The 7 Best MagSafe Batteries to Charge Your iPhone

Apple‘s MagSafe technology has opened up a wide range of possibilities for users who have an iPhone. Mainly, because there are models that have always been characterized by autonomy that leaves much to be desired and this type of battery provides extra life that is worth taking advantage of.

Wireless charging is one of the greatest advances of the 12th century when it comes to smart telephony. This capability of the US company’s mobile phones, which other high-end Android devices also boast, allows you to fully squeeze the capabilities of your smartphone.

7 Best MagSafe Batteries to Charge Your iPhone

Benefits of wireless charging on iPhone

There are those who prefer the more rudimentary methods and plug the cable into the phone to charge it, although you should know that MagSafe chargers have benefits for your iPhone . This advantage ensures a longer lifespan in the long run for your smartphone’s battery, so it’s well worth it if you want it to last as long as possible. Of course, it should be noted that this technology is only officially available for the iPhone 12 and the following generations , so the previous models are left out of this possibility.

Carga inalámbrica MagSafe

That said, the main asset that promises to use a MagSafe wireless charger is taking care of the iPhone’s battery. Often these have been criticized due to their low duration and this accessory can help you say goodbye to this problem. This is thanks to the fact that these chargers have an NFC chip inside to connect the device with the iPhone and adjust the charging speed . This means that when the mobile gets too hot, the charger reduces the power to protect the component. While it is true that this type of charging is slower than the traditional one, it is also much more comfortable for the user.

Ideal MagSafe chargers

Below we have made a selection of what we believe are the 7 best MagSafe chargers for iPhone . For this we have considered different options, so you must be the one who assesses which one is more worthwhile. Likewise, all the alternatives have their pros and cons that we will analyze to dispel doubts.

  • Official MagSafe Battery : If you want to bet on Apple’s official MagSafe battery, you are going to have to shell out a significant sum of money. Its price on Amazon is 112.99 euros . The company has not revealed the total capacity, but the analyzes that have been carried out indicate that it has 1,460 mAh , so there are better options in value for money.
  • Anker Powerbank : for a price of only 39.99 euros along with a 15% discount coupon, you have a MagSafe battery from a great brand like Anker. It has a USB-C input to conveniently charge the battery and has 5,000 mAh of power to leave your iPhone ready to the fullest.
  • Yiisonger Power Bank : for those looking for almost infinite autonomy, there is the 10,000 mAh Yiisonger Power Bank at a price of 31.28 euros . The evaluations of the product are very positive, so it is worth giving it a try considering what it offers your smartphone.

MagSafe batería

  • ESR HaloLock Mini : an interesting alternative for those who need to use the iPhone charging is this 5,000 mAh battery with a foot that serves as a support. In this way, you can keep the mobile vertical or horizontal without any problem at the same time that it is charging for about 49.99 euros .
  • MINI KOOSEED battery: this MagSafe battery for iPhone is characterized by its small size within what fits. For about 22.41 euros with a coupon applied, this option is available, which is very comfortable to continue using the terminal in the case of going on a bus, subway…
  • Power Bank AOGUERBE : the best in terms of value for money is this 10,000 mAh MagSafe battery that costs only 29.99 euros if you apply the discount coupon. A minimal expense compared to the enormous capacity that it promises to fully charge the smartphone.
  • EUARY Power Bank : to spend as little as possible there is no better proposal than the EUARY 5,000 mAh battery . Its price is only 13.99 euros and it has an infinite number of positive reviews, so it is ideal for those looking to save as much as possible.