Know how to use the sleep mode of your Android mobile

There are many people who can not rest well because they do not know how to disconnect and their mobile is not very helpful. You may be one of those people and you don’t know what to do to fix it. Luckily, on your phone there is a function that can help you.

If you have tried it and it has not worked for you, it may be because you have not known how to use it as it should or because you think that it works by itself. Here you will discover how to enable this mode found on your Android mobile and how to configure it to fit you perfectly.

how to use the sleep mode of your Android mobile

This will help you get much more rest with a regular sleep schedule or if you have trouble keeping distractions away , such as social media or mobile notifications. You will find it among the settings.

We are talking about the Android Rest mode, which has many functions so that you can sleep properly, with many customization options and which activates at the time you have scheduled. You do not have to leave the one that is already preset by default if your rest hours are different.

How to start using it from your mobile settings

Starting to use Rest Mode is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your mobile settings
  2. Scroll down to Digital Wellbeing
  3. Look for sleep mode
  4. tap to set
  5. Confirm Do Not Disturb and Grayscale if desired
  6. tap on next
  7. Select a time for every day (If you press on the time you can change it on a clock
  8. You can check or uncheck days (for example, if you want it not to apply on weekends)
  9. You can activate during charging if you wish
  10. Click on Done
  11. Confirm whether you want to allow access to your usage data and app sensors by checking or unchecking


Once you’ve done that, you can customize it according to your preferences at any time.

Take advantage of the potential of sleep mode

There are many configuration options in this mode, so you can take full advantage of them to rest better. You can choose if you want to have it activated at the times you indicate, which are usually the hours you sleep, or when charging while you rest.

The best is the first option, you can also easily change the schedule if you work shifts or at night. You can also find settings that can help you rest, such as the ones indicated below and that it does not hurt to confirm.

The sleep mode options are:

  • Based on a schedule (which by default is from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., but you can change it)
  • When charging while resting
  • Deactivate


Sleep mode settings are as follows:

  • Do not disturb during break: only calls from featured contacts, people who insist, and alarms will ring
  • Grayscale: the screen will turn black and white
  • Keep screen dark: will disable the always-on screen at that time
  • Deactivate Snooze mode with the next alarm: if there is no alarm, it will deactivate at the scheduled time

Do it from Google Clock

If you can’t find this option in Digital Wellbeing or want to do it another way, you can configure your options from Google Clock . As you can see, this element is not only used to see the time and organize yourself, but it has other interesting functions for you. If you don’t have it installed, you can download it from the Play Store.


If you already have it, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the clock app
  2. Go to Rest in the bottom menu
  3. A new screen will appear and you will have to give Start
  4. Select a schedule by changing the time and marking the days
  5. You can put the sunrise effect alarm clock (increasing the brightness gradually before the alarm), change the sound, setting the vibrate mode and even configure the routines of the voice assistant
  6. You can adjust the wake-up time
  7. Then you will find settings that may interest you such as controlling your screen time and the time you spend in bed, listening to sleep sounds and more
  8. Click on continue and you can allow access to your usage data and application sensors or not


You can play with the different settings to see what works best for you to rest, correctly choosing your rest time and it doesn’t hurt to try the sunrise effect alarm clock. It will relax you and help you get out of sleep better so you can start the day with energy.