What you should do to save electricity in your home this winter

It is important to save electricity and even more so in the winter months, which is when we usually spend the most to heat the house. For this reason, in this article we are going to give some advice to achieve lower electricity bills and pay less in these months of the year. We are going to give some recommendations related to the temperature and how to maintain it, but also some habits that we can change.

What to do to pay less electricity in winter

save electricity in your home this winter

In many cases we can save energy at home just by changing some small habits or improving the devices we use. Even if we save only a little, in the end the sum of many things can mean significant savings. Especially in winter we can take into account different factors.

Insulate the house well

One of them is to correctly insulate the house. If you are going to turn on the heating, it is important to maintain the temperature as much as possible once you turn it off. For example, you can insulate the windows so that outside air does not enter. This can make that temperature stay longer and you can save something.

You can also use the blinds for it. You can lower them at night and thus prevent the cold from entering, while during the day you can raise them so that direct sunlight enters and can heat the house to some degree. The latter will help save electricity, since it will not have to be heated from such a low temperature.

Control the temperature

Of course, another important tip is controlling and managing the temperature. For this you can use temperature sensors that can activate the heating, the closing of windows or blinds, etc. Trying to keep the temperature more or less stable is important so as not to have a large consumption on the bill.

But a key point in this is what temperature we want to have. Ideally, the house should be between 19 and 21 degrees in winter. Putting the heating at a higher temperature than that will cause us to consume more than necessary. You don’t have to be in short sleeves in January indoors.

Domótica para mantener la temperatura

Choose your appliances well

A recommendation that can come in handy is to choose appliances that are efficient . If you are going to buy a heater, a stove or any other appliance for your home these months, choose very carefully which one to use. That will help you reduce the bill and you will not spend as much when using them.

For example, if you have a very old stove, you may be interested in buying a new one that is much more efficient and consumes less. The same with any other appliance that you can use in your day to day.

Avoid phantom consumption

This is important. It is estimated that between 7 and 10% of total electricity consumption is this type of expense that goes unnoticed. Phantom consumption is considered, for example, a television on Stand By, a microwave plugged into the current with the clock on or even the chargers of mobile phones connected.

If you want to save electricity this winter, try to reduce phantom consumption as much as possible. Completely turn off household appliances, use power strips or smart plugs that you can better manage.

Check the electricity rate

No doubt this is key. Do you have a good contracted electricity rate ? Do you pay too much and want to reduce it? Take a look at the conditions of your rate and look for information on the Internet. If you do not have permanence, you may be interested in changing to a cheaper one and thus be able to save money during these months.

You can take into account some aspects such as whether or not the rate has hourly discrimination, the contracted power, the price per kWh, etc. It will depend on each one, so there is no rate that is perfect for everyone. Just check which one you have and find out to try to save some money.