Test of the Free Android Application Radios de España

There are few occasions in which an application is sought that solves a need and that, also, is not particularly complicated to achieve it. Well, this is precisely what you will get with Radios de España if what you are looking for is to be able to listen to your stations anywhere.

This is not a development that seeks to make a lot of bragging when it comes to fulfilling its function and, this is not bad at all, since for this reason it becomes a valid option for all types of users (regardless of the knowledge they have) . On the other hand, what we are discussing has some drawbacks, such as not being the development with more options on the market, and one example is that it does not offer the possibility of adding additional options to those that the job includes by default.

An example of the simplicity of which we speak is that you will not find a large number of possibilities turned on by the screen, the main one that will make you mess up when enjoying a station. On the contrary, in the central area is the list of all the available ones and, only in the upper area, there are some more possibilities of use (such as, for example, removing ads by paying for the Pro version of Radios de España). Of course, no equalizers or sound output source selection. To achieve this you will have to use what you have on your phone by default.

Compatibility of this application

In the tests we have done with having a terminal with 2 GB of RAM and a quad-core processor, you can enjoy the development. Of course, in this case there are some jerks when choosing between the different sources available. If used with models with eight “cores” SoC , all this is forgotten and fluidity is excellent. Therefore, we recommend the latter.

As far as the screen is concerned, there are no great demands on either resolution or panel dimensions. An example of what we say is that with a device with components of five and a half inches with a quality of 720p, we have not found difficulty in reading the texts and in handling.

Wear options included

Well, the truth is that you will not have difficulty, since to choose any of the stations included (all the important ones are present) you simply have to search for it and, once you locate it, click on it . In the lower area you will see that the playback begins, that yes, you can pause it whenever you want. But, for example, it would not be a bad idea if there were the possibility of choosing a retransmission bitrate in order to minimize data consumption when you are away from home (yes, it works over the Internet).

As far as the existing options are concerned, there are only two available which are accessed using the Custom option. It is possible to order the position of each station so that you always see the ones you like the most as high as possible. And, in addition, you can hide some of the ones that you are sure you will not use. This way, they won’t be a nuisance.

Emisoras ocultas en Radios de España

Get the Radios de España application

If you are interested in this development, you can get it in the Galaxy Store, without having to pay anything to have it installed on your Android terminal. Therefore, trying it is not a bad idea if you are looking for an easy way to enjoy your favorite stations anywhere… whether the FM signal arrives or not.