If a Motorola Mobile Disconnects Only from the Wifi, You Can Test This

Wifi networks have become essential in our day to day with the phone. At home or at work, in the shopping center, there are many places where we have them. If you have a Motorola mobile, you may have ever seen it disconnect from these meaningless networks. There is a way around it.

Motorola Mobile Disconnects Only from the Wifi

Wifi networks are usually chosen automatically by mobile phones, although there are times when this choice of the network can be wrong, and not adapt to what we are expecting from the phone. In such cases, it is advisable to take measures to avoid some disconnections.

You can try this solution

Normally when our mobile is connected to a Wi-Fi network, it does so first in those that are known, and secondly within these in those that have better signal intensity . Therefore we can perfectly let the phone be the one that the network chooses, because it probably does it much better than us. But there are times when this search for Wifi is not as efficient as we would like. Because for some reason we constantly lose connection, changing from one network to another at random. Well, there is an option that could be interfering with the proper functioning of the Wifi on your Motorola phone.

Motorola Wifi

It has to do with the location and Wi-Fi settings. It is a feature called “Search for Wi-Fi networks” that can sometimes play tricks on this connectivity. This functionality is associated with location-based functions, and can sometimes interfere with the way the phone connects to these networks, since some apps could make use of this functionality and force the search for other Wi-Fi networks in order to collect our location, which would end with continual disconnections. Well, it is best to deactivate this functionality, to prevent indiscriminate use by apps from ending up with random disconnections from Wi-Fi networks.

How is this feature disabled?

From the settings of our Motorola mobile we can access these location-related connectivity options. If this happens to you, you probably have it activated, so it should be deactivated.

  • Access your Motorola settings
  • Enter the “location” section
  • Click on “Wifi and Bluetooth Search”
  • Disable the option “Search for Wi-Fi networks”

Wifi Motorola

In this way, there is the possibility that those problems that you are having with Wi-Fi connectivity cease to exist. Because the most likely thing is that the apps no longer interfere in this aspect and the normal operation of this type of Wi-Fi networks is restored.