How to Check the Proximity Sensor of a Xiaomi

The proximity sensor of our phones is one of the most important and the one we use the most. This is key especially when we make calls, to calculate the proximity of our ear. If you are not sure if it works correctly on your Xiaomi , you can try the following.

Check the Proximity Sensor of a Xiaomi

A good way to check that the sensor works correctly is through a special menu that we can activate from the terminal menu itself, within the settings of our Xiaomi mobile. It is something that is usually hidden, so as not to touch more than necessary between the components of the phone.

Do a calibration test

Our phones, also Xiaomi phones, have special modes so that engineers and technicians can access very precise information generated by the phone’s hardware. We have already talked a few times about the CIT menu of Xiaomi phones , which is precisely that way to test the operation of the different components of the phone. Within this menu you can access a calibration zone for the proximity sensor .


As you know, this sensor is normally in charge of detecting the proximity of a person or object. For example, it is key when it comes to allowing us to switch between the normal speaker or the earpiece in calls, depending on whether we have the phone to our ear or not. Well, if this does not work well, you can test if everything is correct or not.

How do I access the sensor check menu?

It is something quite simple that can be done from the MIUI settings. Depending on the age of the Xiaomi layer version , it will depend that we can check the operation of the sensor, or also calibrate it. To do this you have to do the following:

  • Access your Xiaomi settings
  • Go to “Phone information”
  • Click five times on “Kernel version”
  • Now on the telephone keypad enter * # * # 6484 # * # *
  • The CIT menu will automatically open

sensor proximidad Xiaomi

This menu has several sections, in the most basic versions of MIUI you can access the sensor information by clicking on ” Single Item Test ” and then on ” Proximity Sensor “. Once inside, we will check the operation of the sensor, bringing the palm of the hand closer to it. If we notice fluctuations in the values, and a green message of “pass” is that everything works correctly with the sensor. In other more modern versions, we can access the calibration like this.

  • Inside the CIT menu press the three vertical buttons in the upper right part of the screen
  • Select “Proximity sensor calibration”
  • Click on the “Calibration” button

In this way , the sensor calibration process will begin so that it works correctly, in the event that it was not previously well calibrated. Therefore, as you can see in both cases, you can check that everything works correctly.