Telegram further improves your security: the latest added function

Very soon you could have the possibility to protect your Telegram account with your email . Although this feature has not been officially announced, the company may be working on an option that would allow its users to link their service account with an email address. This seems to be what will happen according to some leaks from a well-known app developer.

The email will be used to verify the account each time a new or unrecognized device is logged in. With this, a new layer of security will be added to your account of the famous messaging service. Beyond your phone number and other security options, you will be able to access an additional method in the identifications that will help you make your account more secure. Do you want to know more about this new Telegram security feature with email?

Telegram further improves your security

This is how account verification works with your email

Famous app developer and engineer Alessandro Paluzzi spotted the initial version of the feature, still in development, a few days ago. It has shared screenshots showing that Telegram is going to allow users to manually enter an email address or sign in with their Google account . In them, the messaging app says that the email address will help protect your account from unauthorized access.

This option will be part of the Security section in Privacy and security settings . Once you have added this access data, Telegram ensures that the email “will be used every time you log into your Telegram account from a new device” .

Most likely, you will receive some kind of verification code in your email every time a new device tries to enter Telegram to confirm access, and if you don’t, access will be blocked. You’ll probably also be warned of unwanted access if this happens, so you can act as you see fit. You may have confused yourself and do not feel like trying again, but it may also be the case that someone tries to enter without your authorization.

acceso por email seguridad cuenta telegram

On the other hand, you can change the linked email at any time in case you change your account, your Gmail email doesn’t work for you, you prefer to opt for an address that you use more or your email has been stolen, among other circumstances in which you might need it.

Waiting for official confirmation

Telegram has not announced this new function nor has it confirmed its existence, so it could be the case that it does not finally reach users, but if it becomes a reality, it is a new security method that will be very practical for many people.

The messaging app is known for worrying about the privacy and security of those who use its service, with new functions that frequently improve it, so the existence of this new access method, complementary to the additional password , would not be unreasonable and code via SMS.

Autenticación en dos pasos Telegram

We already have several ways to keep our account secure today, such as device locks that allow you to lock the app with a password, or set the app to automatically lock after a certain period of time or when you hit the lock icon on the screen. chat list.

It also has a two-step verification system , where you can add a recovery email if you forget your password. However, the ability to link email gives you yet another option to keep your account secure, even more so than the latter.

Although we do not know the specific date it could arrive, if it finally does, it may arrive much sooner than you imagine . What do you think about this new Telegram option?