Repairing a Tesla is considerably more expensive than repairing another car: why?

When we buy a car, we have to be aware that visits to the workshop go hand in hand with it. They do not have to be very regular or periodic, especially during the first years, but as the vehicle ages, they will become more frequent. In any case, it is true that the price of these repairs or meetings with the mechanic are not the same. And if not tell the Tesla drivers.

Visiting the workshop with a Tesla costs 27% more

Repairing a Tesla is considerably more expensive than repairing another car

In general, in almost any car and brand, going to the mechanic does not always mean spending thousands of euros on repairs since there are revisions that are relatively affordable. However, on the other hand, there are so many others that can make us a good hole in the pocket. In this second group are those brands of greater consideration

And of which Tesla is the protagonist. Because, as happens with our day-to-day devices, going to the workshop with this electric car, as a general rule, tends to be much more expensive than if we do it with another, regardless of whether it is 100% electrified, hybrid or gasoline. .

This is the case of Tesla, a pure reference in this electric segment, which ensures that thanks to remote automatic updates, the need to visit a physical service center is reduced to a minimum (in Spain at the moment there are only two: one in Barcelona and another provisional one in Madrid until the definitive one is inaugurated). Even the diagnosis of probable incidents is diagnosed remotely and the vehicle itself is capable of alerting about its needs and guiding the user in the necessary steps for its resolution. But what do we have with her?

Exorbitant prices

The brand states that 80% of repairs are carried out without going to a technical service, while when it is necessary to do so due to punctual issues, remote diagnosis also allows the vehicle to be received in less than a minute and that the parts necessary for the repair are available even before the user arrives (despite the fact that in some brand user forums there are testimonials that contradict this ideal operation).

In relation to this, studies and research show that repairing a car with the Tesla logo can be up to 27% more expensive than any other vehicle. Taking this problem into account, the most logical thing is to think that the vast majority of breakdowns are related to the most outstanding component of a Tesla, that is, its battery pack. An electric car has much fewer components than a conventional combustion car, so everything points to it.

Reparar tesla precios

The findings show that the average cost to repair any Tesla vehicle is approximately $832 per year , while the average vehicle is $652 per year.

The reason is the lack of sufficient production

The lack of maturity, therefore, is the main problem that haunts the company. As the lines of investigation say, the truth is that replacement parts can reach exorbitant prices due to lack of stock, which makes the main reason for these high prices the lack of sufficient production. The replacement of a windshield on a Model X for $1,500 has been reported as an example.

Another clear example has a lot to do with the aforementioned batteries of these Tesla cars, as we have previously referred to. And it is that, in the words of Elon Musk himself, changing a Tesla battery module involves an outlay of between 4,400 and 6,200 euros . That is, the battery pack could cost 24,800 euros, taking into account the highest fork

On the other hand, it is true that the revisions planned by Tesla are recommended to keep the vehicle in perfect conditions of use and safety, but not mandatory. In case of not following this maintenance program, the limited warranty that the brand grants to its new or pre-owned vehicles will not be affected.