Technology that Allows Charging the Stylus of Mobile Phones with NFC

NFC came to our phones years ago, when we couldn’t even use it to make payments in stores. It is now fully present in our lives and has many other uses. However, another alternative use for the NFC is being prepared , which could further encourage the arrival of more phones with Stylus.

Charging the Stylus of Mobile Phones with NFC

For many years, saying Stylus on mobile phones was automatically thinking of Samsung‘s Galaxy Note and its S-Pen. Currently, the Note family is still the maximum representative of this accessory, but in recent times we have seen how other brands have wanted to offer the same option . You only need to remember the LG Velvet or the Moto G Pro, to find other alternatives, so we could be facing a new trend that other manufacturers will soon join.

Charge the Stylus by NFC

Now and as revealed by Android Authority, NFC connectivity is being prepared to offer a new charging standard, which could bring wireless charging to the styluses of our mobiles. The technology has been developed by the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) and the NFC Forum, and aims to bring wireless charging to styluses.

moto g pro stylus

WLC technology

Currently, manufacturers that integrate a Stylus integrate a compartment that the internal charging system recharges the stylus. The new standard aims to make Stylus more useful and durable, through the WLC system, which uses the same antenna on a smartphone and a portable device for communication and power transfer. In this way, products that are certified by the USI can take advantage of the NFC-based charging at speeds of up to 1W. Traditionally, manufacturers have used NFC to make mobile payments or transfer files between devices.

samsung stylus

The current charging solution requires leaving the Stylus out of service while charging or using it anchored some kind of connector. This new technology eliminates this dependency and will allow the device to be charged while the stylus is in use . The stylus must touch the screen to be used, so closeness in this case is guaranteed, since we remember that NFC is a short-distance connectivity that works a few centimeters.

It is not an open standard, so manufacturers who want to implement this solution should checkout. However, there are still no clues that any brand is considering introducing WLC technology in any of its products.

Source>Android Authority