Teams Will Allow Adding Other Managers to Rooms with These Functions

For more than obvious reasons, applications focused on virtual meetings over the Internet have not stopped growing in recent times. In this way, programs like Microsoft Teams are used today both in personal environments, as well as more professionals related to education.

In fact, in these same lines we want to focus on this solution that the software giant, Microsoft, is proposing to us. And it is that Teams does not stop growing and improving in terms of the functions that it makes available to us to manage these virtual meetings. It is evident that one of the main objectives that this type of software solution must fulfill is to allow us to manage these meetings in the best way. These must be prevented from becoming chaos, so the work of the organizers here is essential.

Teams Will Allow Adding Other Managers to Rooms

Organizers control in Microsoft Teams will be greater

We told you all this because now Microsoft is adding the possibility of meeting organizers expand the management of specific presenters rooms. In this way, this new function will allow organizers to add and remove other meeting room managers and thus better organize the meeting room. It is worth mentioning that, by taking control from the meeting room management panel, the designated presenters will be able to perform all kinds of operations.

In fact, their control tasks will be from that moment on, similar in the meeting room to that of the organizers of this. At the same time, these new assigned managers will have the possibility to join other rooms if they have permission.

administrador teams

Keep in mind that, at this time, before the arrival of this new feature, only users who are original organizers can become meeting room managers. Once just the new functionality , when assigned room managers join the meeting, they will see a new icon on the toolbar.

Features available to new managers

These assigned managers that we refer to will have to take control to manage the rooms properly. In this way, once they are in control, the room administrators can perform different operations to manage the rooms. Among some of these functions, we can highlight the following:

  • Assign users to rooms.
  • Add and delete rooms.
  • Open and close rooms.
  • Reassign users to rooms.
  • Send announcements to meetings.
  • Set a timer.
  • Adjust other room settings.

We must bear in mind that at the moment all this is not yet available Microsoft Teams , but it is working on all of it. In fact, everything indicates that the deployment of the new control functionality will begin in mid-September. At the same time, the integration is expected to be completed by the end of the same month. Another of the sections that we should take into consideration is that all this then we have commented is being implemented only for the Microsoft Teams desktop application.