Edit Your Photos on the iPad with the New Photoshop

Edit Your Photos on the iPad with the New Photoshop

Years ago, the iPad stopped being an iPhone with a large screen in which content was practically consumed, a few more things were done and little else. Today it is a product capable of doing so many things that it can replace equipment that we thought was untouchable. Now that you can do everything with it, even take advantage of the new tools in Photoshop for iPad and remove elements more easily and precisely.

iPad and Photoshop: an experience closer to the PC

Adobe took a long time to decide to launch an iPad version of Photoshop with enough ambition as it had been doing with its popular application for desktop operating systems. And even so, when it announced this version, it already said that it would not come with each and every one of the functionalities that the version for Windows or Mac already had.

This attracted a lot of attention, because taking into account the size of the company, its turnover, the human resources it has, etc., it did not add up. Even less so when other smaller companies such as Serif with its Affinity Photo, Design, etc., did offer tools that were practically identical in both desktop and iPad versions.

Luckily Adobe seems to be finally getting the hang of it, not only with the inclusion of new tools as we will see, but also with the performance improvements thanks to the optimization of its main applications for computers with the new Apple M1 processors .

However, going back to the theme of Adobe Photoshop for iPad, the latest update has introduced interesting news:

  • Correction Brush:  now you can select the tool and with the Apple Pencil correct imperfections in the image by filling in pixels that are copied from a part of the image itself or the  pattern. This is not like the clone tool, because everything adapts intelligently thanks to the various settings available to customize

  • Magic Wand:  After adding various automatic selection tools, now comes the popular magic wand that is powered by new technologies in order to offer better results by understanding what you are selecting. When it comes to removing elements, making selections for later color changes, etc., it is very useful
  • Canvas projection:  iPad, especially Thunderbolt-connected Pro and more models, can be used connected to a display. With this projection mode when using Photoshop you will see the canvas and have a better view while editing your image

These three new additions plus existing ones bring the experience of using Adobe Photoshop on the iPad closer to that of the PC. Taking into account the power also of the M1 chips, the new iPad Pro will have little to envy and there may be actions that are even carried out more efficiently due to performance and the combined use of Apple Pencil, the creative tool that every user of iPad interested in photography, retouching, drawing, etc., must have.

Adobe gets the batteries

The advancement of Adobe in all its main applications has not stopped in all these years, although it is true that there were times when adding new functions affected the performance that matters so much to professional users.

In recent months, especially for Apple devices, it seems that it is more focused and has put the batteries to offer a better experience. So, when you have to be critical it is, but when they do it well it is also said.

Now they are doing it well and these new additions for the iPad version and also those of desktops with the tools for substitution of skies, transform and deform with curve controls, etc., prove it.