Avoid being spied on and protect the photos and videos on your iPhone

There are “very gossipy” people in this life, and when we leave our mobile device they like to browse through some photos or memories we have from the Gallery. However, there is a solution on our iPhone to prevent users from being unable to access other apps or windows on the iPhone. In this post we tell you what steps you have to take through the accessibility functions and options.

protect the photos and videos on your iPhone

Out “gossip”

The iPhone is a very personal device, a device where we have stored practically all of our memories in Galleries or important conversations on Twitter, WhatsApp or Facebook. For this reason, whenever they ask us to leave the device, it generates a certain insecurity for us, despite the fact that it is someone we absolutely trust, because it is our device and we do not like that they can access anything.
Fortunately, from the accessibility window, Apple allows you to limit this type of option so that if a user wants to show a Gallery folder, they cannot exit said application and see other apps.

iPhone 13 mini

Procedure to prevent third-party access to the iPhone

The process is really simple and as always the Accessibility tab is the one that gives us this possibility of security and privacy. The process is as follows and we will analyze it below.

We go to the General Settings tab and we go to the indicated tab. In it, click on Guided access. Within this option, a very interesting message appears that should be taken into account: “Guided access keeps the iPhone in a single app, which allows you to control which functions are available. To start guided access, press the side button three times on the app you want to use”

Then, we have to determine how we want to activate this option and we are going to configure it through Face ID or Touch ID. In the event that you use Face ID, you have to double-click on the sidebar. In the event that you want an unlock code, you have to press three times. Now we have to accept this tab and go to the app that we want to include this security measure. This function is very interesting to prevent them from entering personal system settings and being able to unlock through Face ID.

Acceso guiado

We would already have the guided access option activated so that a person cannot leave the application in any way. If you want to deactivate this option, you have to press the sidebar three times to enter the code or through Face ID by tapping twice on the sidebar of our iPhone. Again, you go to Guided Access and disable this option. You can do it with all the apps that interest you.

This application is not only important from the point of view of access to our personal information, but it can also be used in the event that our mobile phone is stolen, since if the person “falls” into the window or app, they will not be able to get out of it unless you know the procedure.

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