Take care of yourself: the best health apps for Android

the best health apps for Android

It is possible that among your New Year’s goals there is one related to your health, such as losing weight, feeling better, managing your stress, eating healthier or leading a more active life. If you haven’t started with it yet or are looking for extra help, mobile applications can help you.

For this reason, I have made a list of the essentials for Android phones if you want to feel better and lead a healthier life this year. Discover them now!

Google Fit: Your personal online trainer

Google fit

This app helps you stay fit and lead a healthier and more active life . It is your personal trainer that keeps track of your activity and allows you to create new goals.

You can record your workouts from your mobile or watch, checking your statistics in real time while you walk, run, ride a bike or do another activity, using the sensors you have on your device. It monitors your goals and gives you suggestions for improvements.

Adidas Runtastic: The best for running, walking and more

adidas runtastic app salud

This app is a classic for knowing your evolution when running and walking , since it records your activities, analyzes your statistics and allows you to set goals. You will be able to share your achievements and learn about those of your friends, to motivate you even more.

It has training plans, challenges and much more, but the best thing is that it has a lot of information. The time you’ve walked, the elevations, calories and much more. You can monitor more than 90 activities with it.

Exercises at home: Train anywhere

ejercicios en casa app

Bad weather or irregular schedules will no longer be an excuse for you with this application with which you can train from your own home , without the need for anything other than the desire to exercise.

There are plans for all levels , with a 4-week plan and much more. There are exercises for the whole body, as well as more specific abdominal, chest, leg and arm exercises designed by experts.

Myfitnesspal: Record what you eat and lose weight

myfitness pal

This is one of my must-haves because I can quickly track meals with their calories. In it you can register food to keep a better nutritional and health control. Know your habits and how to improve them, and motivate yourself to keep going.

You don’t have to count calories because they will already appear in the app, even for brand products or major supermarkets, with the possibility of including your recipes to add them more quickly. You will be able to scan products to easily know how many calories they have and record them . It will tell you what you have to eat every day to achieve your goals.

Although you think that keeping track of food and calories for the day may seem silly, it is much more practical than you think. You will be aware of what you eat and you will see ideas for improvement.

It is a very complete application that will help you take care of your diet for free. Also, it is compatible with many devices.

Zepp Life: Essential for Xiaomi

zepp life

If you have Xiaomi, this app will be extremely practical for taking care of yourself since it records your activity, evaluates your workouts and analyzes your sleep . It has many tutorial videos to motivate you and a large number of tools for your health. It even counts the steps you take and gives you complete information about what you do throughout the day.

You can use it on devices like your Xiaomi Mi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Composition Scale, Mi Scale, Amazfit Pace and others. It gives you very precise training statistics that you can control from your mobile.

In addition, you can set reminders and notifications. It has so many settings and features that it is best for you to check it out for yourself.

Serenity: Combat stress and anxiety

serenity meditacion

Sometimes taking care of yourself is just making you feel better. For this reason, one of the best applications that you can use for this is this one, which has meditation, relaxation and mindfulness routines so that you obtain more calm, peace and happiness. It has a free 7-day course that allows you to learn the basics.

Discover the benefits of taking care of not only your physique with this application and others with similar uses that can undoubtedly help you a lot.