Control Instagram recommendations so you don’t waste time

Instagram has announced new improvements that are gradually reaching its users, so some already have them available by updating the application, and soon you can be one of them. They will not take long to reach your account because they are working to get it to everyone as soon as possible.

Control Instagram recommendations so you don't waste time

The company has been working on these three functions for a long time so that you can control your time and what you see in the app much better , and they finally arrive on Instagram. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has officially confirmed his arrival on Twitter and on the company’s official blog.

Among the main novelties, we find better content recommendations and a new tool to better manage your time called silent mode, but they are not the only ones, so if you want to know more, keep reading.

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Adam Mosseri
🎉 New Control Features 🎉

Today, we’re launching new tools to help people — especially teens — manage their time and what they see on Instagram:

–Quiet Mode
–Hidden Words for Recommendations
–Not Interested Multi-Select

January 19, 2023 • 15:00



You set the limits with ‘Silent Mode’

Silent mode is the Instagram feature by which you will not receive notifications in silent mode, so you can set limits with your friends and followers. If you’re in this mode, other users will be informed in your profile’s activity status so they won’t try to connect until you’re available.

If someone sends you a private message at such times, they will receive an automated reply indicating that you are in silent mode so that nothing prevents you from concentrating on what really matters to you.

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It is customizable so that you can manage it in your Instagram account as it suits you. If you use it, once you turn it off you’ll see a quick summary of notifications , so you’re aware of everything you’re interested in at a glance without getting overwhelmed by messages.

For now, these features are available to a small group of users . Silent Mode will initially be available in Ireland, the UK, Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand today, though they are working on making it available to more users in other countries.

Only you decide what you want to see

The hidden words function for recommendations is another of the great innovations of Instagram. With it, comments and messages that include the words you have chosen will be hidden. You can add a list of words, hashtags or emojis so that you do not receive recommendations that include them. You can find it in the privacy settings of the app.

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You’ll be able to manage recommendations even further by managing the content you see in the app, beyond hidden words, with Disinterested Multi-Select where you can hide multiple content in Explore instead of doing it one by one.

As the app learns about your behavior, it will work to avoid displaying this content on other sites like Search, Reels, and more.

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If you want to enjoy the new Instagram features when they arrive, update the app to have the latest version. For now, they are available to a small group of users, but Instagram is working to bring it to more people in a short period of time.