How to Take the Best Photos on a Samsung Mobile with One UI

Technology continues to advance and even today it continues to surprise us with the different innovations that different brands of smartphones manage to bring out. However, whether we like it or not, the simple act of taking photos with our phones can sometimes be too complicated. Unless you have a Samsung mobile that has One UI and you do what we tell you in these lines.

Over the years, the camera apps on our phones have been improving and implementing new functions in order to help us get better photos . Although it is obvious that the final result will vary depending on the camera that our Samsung has, the truth is that its app has become one of the most versatile in the Android mobile landscape.

Therefore, we will show you how to configure it to take advantage of all the potential it can offer you.

Customize the camera app on your Samsung

The first step will be to access the camera app in One UI . Once inside, it’s time to do your research and enjoy yourself. In addition, we will find different functionalities that will help us to customize this app to our needs so that we can capture snapshots. The best of all is that we can change each of its modes. Since the best technique of learning what exactly we want is to test each of its functions.

To do this, we must enter the More menu that is within said app, in it a series of modes and functions will appear, which we can use to our liking. Likewise, if the order does not match what you want, since you want to give priority to some of these functionalities that these smartphones have, you can easily vary their order.

camaras samsung galaxy s21 ultra

You yourself will be in charge of deciding what function you want to appear and where you want it. And not only that, but the modes that appear in the bottom bar when we are in the main part of the application can be modified to suit our needs even more. If in your case you want to modify it, you only have to click on More> click on the pencil icon that should appear.

Then, it will let you reorganize this menu in your own way, in addition to giving you the possibility of eliminating that tool that you are not going to use or that you do not like. In order for these changes to be saved, it will only be necessary to confirm these changes once you try to return to the main menu of the application.

Use camera HDR

This element could be said that it has already become a standard in most of today’s smartphones. But is it really worth using? However, the real question is not there, but the fact of knowing how and, above all, when to use it. More than anything because not all the moments in which we want to use it will be the right ones.

This technique, also known today as HDR mode , has been used forever in the world of photography. Surely, when you try it, you will have noticed that the illuminated parts are almost entirely white, while the dark ones are too black. Therefore, this functionality is useful, but you have to distinguish well when to use it.

Foto HDR conel Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Therefore, it is important to know that HDR is the ideal mode to take images of a landscape or an area in which there is a lot of color contrast or even that has a large amount of shadow. It is also possible to use it in some night photos, although its use will not be advisable in all of them. Another good situation for its use would be when we are taking a photo of a person, but that person is in an area darker than the environment. In such a situation it will be good to use this HDR mode on the Samsung camera.

Otherwise, it is best to do without this extra functionality that mobile phones have. Especially, it is not a good idea to use this extra tool when we want to take moving photos, either of people or objects, or when we are in a hurry to take a snapshot. More than anything, as with photos in night mode, you need a few seconds to adjust the camera sensor.

Change the image aspect ratio in One UI

It must be clear that the changes we make will be saved permanently. This means that, let’s access this camera application again, it will continue to have all the changes we have made. After this clarification, it is time to learn that the best ratio to take pictures with our Samsung mobile with One UI is 4: 3.

The use of 16: 9, 1: 1 and other types of proportions will give us worse results, since they cannot make use of the maximum resolution of the mobile device sensor. Basically, due to the physical shape of the sensors of our terminals, they have a 4: 3 ratio, so by making use of other proportions we will get the camera itself to make digital cuts.

camara samsung galaxy

In addition, with this we will reduce the resolution and also the final quality of the image we take in a large amount. In the case of Samsung terminals, so that we can apply one or another proportion, it will be as easy as clicking on the icon that refers to the proportion. We will find it at the top of the mobile app itself.

On the other hand, if our objective is to record a video, the option that we must choose for this occasion will be the 16: 9 option . Even Samsung’s own native app does not allow us to choose a video format beyond 16: 9, 1: 1 or 21: 9. If we use this proportion, it will also be advisable to use the maximum resolution that our terminal allows us.

Play with dynamic focus and pro mode

Another of the best ways to achieve near perfection with our Samsung camera is to use portrait mode. In the case of the Galaxy it has the name of dynamic approach . In addition, it allows us to take snapshots with the background out of focus. To be able to select this function, we will only have to slide through its main screen, in addition to being right next to the photo mode.

Once we have chosen it, we must bear in mind that the distance set by the tool itself must be respected. Since if we get too close or too far from what we want to photograph, it will not be activated. While we take the photo, and if this mode has been activated, it will give us the possibility to change the level of blur that we want to take said snapshot.

modo noche camara samsung

With this we can modify the bokeh of the photograph . But for this, we will already have to access the gallery of our Samsung smartphone and, in the event that the dynamic approach has been done, we will have these options available.

Although it is not the only functionality that will be useful to us, since right next to the dynamic approach, we find the Pro mode. Although the South Korean company has called it with this name, it is Samsung’s manual mode. Once we have chosen it, we can adjust various parameters to improve our photographs. As is the case with ISO , white balance and exposure level , among others. Since it will depend on the range of our terminal.

Little hidden tricks

Later, we can also find little tricks that will help us to take the best pictures with our Samsung smartphone. The first of them will be to use filters in real time for our images . In order to activate them, we must click on the icon in the upper right corner, which has an icon in the shape of a magic wand.

When we have it enabled, we can see in real time how the filter is. Another element that will also be useful, and is in the range of the Galaxy, will be the fact of being able to turn it on with a double touch. Simply, it will be enough to press twice on the power button to make it run. A solution that will help us to open the app much faster.

Lastly, if we are always trying to correctly square an image, the best method is to use the grid. This will divide the photograph into equal parts, with this we will be able to get a true idea of what the proportions are. To activate the grid we have to go to its settings and select the Grid option . In addition, it will offer us three possibilities: deactivated, 3 × 3 or square. As a recommendation, we will tell you that the best option is 3 × 3, so that you can take photos with an almost perfect framing.