How to Put Password to Realme Mobile Applications

If your mobile takes good photos, it has a lot of battery, it is as beautiful as a newborn puppy, but its security is dire, you are in big trouble. Brands are increasingly concerned about keeping your data safe and Realme is one of the manufacturers that puts the most effort into it, as long as you make use of the functions designed to protect you from external attacks.

This system of Realme will offer us greater peace of mind, which is in addition to the rest of the basic security measures that we can have on our mobile to unlock and access it. Best of all, if we want to, we can prevent anyone from knowing the apps that we have blocked , so we will not be afraid that someone accesses our mobile and is surprised by not being able to access a blocked app.

Steps to protect applications in Realme

There is no requirement beyond having a Realme brand mobile with its customization layer to be able to make use of this union, even regardless of whether we have the latest version of the layer or the first. To get down to work we have to start by following the following steps that we show you and explain in detail:

bloqueo aplicaciones realme

  • We begin by entering the settings of our Realme mobile.
  • We go down to the section called Fingerprint, face and password, where one of these methods must have already been configured previously.
  • Then we touch on Fingerprint.
  • And in the next tab it will ask us what we want to do with this security method to which a pin or pattern key is also added.
  • In our case we are going to choose “Application Lock”.
  • Then we just have to select from the entire list that we have on our mobile which one we want to protect.

Once this is completed, every time we try to access an app on our smartphone, either from the app search engine or on the home screen, we will have to make mandatory use of the fingerprint or the security pin . With this we can protect the gallery so that no one sees our photos, WhatsApp or Telegram so that they do not read our conversations or any application of our Realme mobile that for some reason we do not want to leave within the reach of all the people to whom we lend the mobile.

How to hide applications

Although we have already seen how we can put a password to the applications in Realme, these apps are still visible to everyone and that can cause us even more problems than having them unprotected. That is why Realme has an advanced solution that improves even the option of setting a password to applications and is none other than hiding them from the system. This Realme privacy system will make the apps appear to be uninstalled, but we will really know that they are still there at our disposal when we want them. What we have to do to configure it is the following:

ocultar aplicaciones realme

  • As before we have to start by entering the mobile settings.
  • Then we go down to the privacy section.
  • And now we mark the option “Hide applications”.

Now will be the time to mark which apps we want not to appear on our mobile until we decide and once selected it will ask us to configure a new security method that can be another fingerprint or a different password than the one we always use. Although they will explain it to us in the configuration screen, it is important that we remember that we will only be able to see the apps in question when we use the new fingerprint or security measure configured, which should not be the same as the usual one.

With this we achieve that if someone asks us to borrow the mobile and knows our pattern or pin, we can leave it to them without any problem, since only we and our security tool will allow us to see and access the hidden tools. Without overlooking the fact that entering Settings> Applications and locating the app can be uninstalled, as well as knowing that they are present, but not visible to everyone, something that Android does not allow any manufacturer to bypass.

Problems and doubts to activate these options

The most common problem that we can find when having configured this security measure is due to human error and is that when they ask us for a different security method to hide the applications, some by inertia use the same one that they use regularly. Therefore, we should not do it at full speed and pay attention to what we are doing on the Realme mobile. Especially when hiding them, it is important to look carefully at what we are doing so that the process does not lead us to unwanted situations.

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We must also bear in mind that for now Realme has a slight privacy gap in its customization layer, since although we have configured the option to hide apps, we will still be able to find it in the application drawer if we type enough words so that the app appears. This is rarely going to happen, but in future versions this situation should be solved.

In addition, we must bear in mind that if we put extra security to a mobile app and it also already has a security method such as banking apps, we will have to do this process twice. It will be better to use the password for Realme applications only in those that do not add the option and therefore do require an extra measure of protection.

For those who have followed all the specified steps and cannot use the option to hide apps, as has happened to us personally, this can be due to several reasons. The first of these is that we have not configured application security before, which seems to be an essential requirement. Another option is that although it is present in all versions of Realme UI, if there seem to be some differences if we have access to beta versions of the software and it has nothing to do with whether it is a low-end, mid-range or high-end mobile. high. In order to use it we will have to have a stable and official version, but if you still do not have it available, it will only be a matter of waiting a little longer for the mobile to update to Realme UI 2.0 where now, all smartphones will have access to This possibility.