TagVault, the Accessory that Protects AirTags

If you decided to buy one of Apple‘s new AirTags, to always keep your most important personal items under control, watch out for this Elevation Lab accessory. Because there is possibly no better protection for these little Apple locator beacons. The only counterpart of these TagVault is that you will have to give up the design, but it still does not matter, right?

Elevation Lab TagVault, the all-terrain accessory for AirTags

Apple’s AirTags have aroused a lot of interest among the company’s users in recent days. And it is not for less, because since 2019 they have been expected. Although it must also be said that they are nothing new, there were already tags to locate lost objects that function as small bluetooth beacons such as those of Tile, Filo, etc.


However, Apple is Apple and it knows how to turn everything around to make it look like something new. So these labels were finally launched with great fanfare and along with them a multitude of accessories that allow them to be placed inside to put them later in a travel suitcase, a backpack, purse, with the keys and even on the bicycle and a long etcetera. . And curiously, some of them cost more than the label itself, especially the Hermes series that Apple sells in its own store.

Of course, the big problem is that while the AirTag are resistant to dust and water , they are not devices that can be submerged or given too much jog. That is why this Elevation Lab proposal may interest you, because we believe that right now they could be one of the solutions that most protect these labels.

The TagVault is, as you can see in the images, a keychain that inserts the AirTag inside. But it does so by offering complete protection, both from shocks and even dust and liquid thanks to that seal that is obtained by playing both parts of the keychain housing.

Protection and camouflage from friends of others

To this protection that seems to be very necessary for AirTags, since the first users to receive them have already been able to verify that they scratch quickly, one of the advantages that these Elevation Lab TagVault would also offer is the ability to turn them into a product that would go unnoticed. for friends of others.

That is, the popularity of the AirTag will be very high and with so much information being published about how it works, what happens if a user encounters one, etc., it is easy for it to become something very recognizable by all those who are dedicated to take what is not yours. With this protective keychain the AirTag is camouflaged and you might think that it is just another keychain, so it would be less likely that you end up ripping it off and throwing it around to prevent you from knowing where your lost object is.

So, if not carrying an AirTag inside one of the Hermes accessories is something that does not worry you, these TagVault seem to be an interesting option at a very attractive price: they will cost $ 29.95 for a pack of 3 or $ 12.95 unit.