Programmable Smart Irrigation Systems With and Without WiFi

Little by little we are getting used to automating many of the elements of our home with the idea of making our lives easier and, also, to have much more control of certain devices in order to be much more efficient. The best thing is that the limits of home automation are infinite, since in addition to controlling what you have inside the house, you could also do it with what you have outside. And what if we focus on how to water the garden from a distance ?

Advantages of having a smart tap or valve

Programmable Smart Irrigation Systems

The routine of watering plants may be especially pleasant and relaxing for you, but some people do not have enough time or they tend to forget the necessary habit of watering their plants, so, for that reason, we are going to bring you a selection of smart accessories With which you can program the opening of a tap or a water valve so that your garden is always watered regardless of whether you are at home or not.

One of the greatest advantages of these systems is the convenience of being able to program automatic irrigation , since you will not have to depend on having to personally go to the garden to open the irrigation. This will obviously require you to install surface sprinklers and drip irrigation systems, but you will gain in comfort. On the other hand, the installation of these systems will allow you to have a greater control of the evacuation of water (especially if you use drip irrigation), as well as you will gain in efficiency and in consumption savings.

You will also be able to have control over the humidity of the ground, since by calculating the number of necessary irrigations you will be able to establish the humidity that your plants need to be hydrated.

Programmed stopcock or WiFi tap?

Although they are two different solutions, the purpose is the same, since both products will allow you to have control of the opening of the tap that will allow the water to pass to your plants. The programmed stopcock does not require an internet connection, since it simply has an internal clock that will determine the times and hours when the tap should be turned on. They are very easy to use and their price is usually much cheaper than that of wireless stopcocks.

The WiFi tap , however, offers more intelligent functions, since in addition to being able to control it remotely from our mobile phone, it will be able to interact with other devices to perform its function. The latter will allow us to enjoy much more complex and optimized programming, since we could, for example, automatically cancel irrigation on a day that it starts to rain, or turn it on when a humidity sensor alerts us that the land is quite dry. The possibilities in this regard are many, and although it will require the purchase of more devices, you will have more upgrade options in the future.

Automatic watering systems by timer

Automatic timer irrigation systems are quite inexpensive solutions, so they could be an ideal solution for your garden. Some of the most interesting systems that you could acquire to control the irrigation of your garden or plants, and without the need for a nearby wireless network are the following:

Aqua Control C4099O

Riego automatico inteligente

This irrigation programmer has an independent timer control system that is responsible for opening the flow of water with frequencies of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12, 24, 48 and 72 hours and with durations of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. It works under pressures of 1 and 8 bars, although it is capable of operating next to water tanks with 0 bars of pressure.

Its operation is extremely simple, since it has two dials with which to program the operating hours and the duration of the program. Its excellent price makes it one of the best-selling models on Amazon. Requires 2 AAA batteries to function.

Homitt Irrigation Timer

Riego automatico inteligente

This automatic irrigation timer offers a generous 3-inch digital display from which to comfortably view all schedules. Thanks to this screen, we can easily program the start of the program, how often it will start, how long it will work and how long is left for the next program.

Tomight automatic watering

Riego plantas

This other model is designed for the interior of the home, since it is a small programmable compressor that is responsible for obtaining the water from an external tank and taking it through a drip system included. It is basically a tremendously practical and useful solution for those who go on a trip and want to keep their plants hydrated.

You will only have to define the schedule (from 1 hour to 60 days) and prepare a container of water (the schedule will allow you to configure containers from 10 milliliters to 990 milliliters). Thanks to the 10 meters of hose included and the T-shaped outlets, you can create an irrigation labyrinth so that none of your plants run out of water.

Smart irrigation systems with WiFi

Another interesting option is to opt for a smart irrigation system with WiFi connection. These solutions will allow us to take control of irrigation remotely, being able to also have additional functions, such as the possibility of activating the device when the plants are in need of water due to the dryness of the ground, or canceling a schedule due to rain warning.

Rainpoint WiFi irrigation controller

Riego Wifi

This model is quite interesting, since it has wireless connectivity and compatibility with Alexa so that we can water our plants with a simple voice command. You will only have to configure the wireless network so that we can control it from our mobile phone, and thus program the days of the week that you want the irrigation to work and even activate the risk remotely wherever you are.

A hub is included that will act as a communicator between your WiFi router and the irrigation controller, and it will also function as a smart plug. Combined with the humidity sensor that is also offered by the manufacturer separately, you can set up your own smart watering station in a matter of minutes.

LinkTap Wireless Water Timer

Riego automatico inteligente

This other controller is in charge of letting the water pass and can program up to a total of 100 cycles per day. It uses the Zigbee communication protocol, so we will need a bridge (included) so that we can communicate over the nearest wireless network.