How to Switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet in Windows with NetConnectChoose

Today we have the possibility of connecting both by cable and Wi-Fi networks and achieve good results. If our installation is correct, if we are not far from the access point and therefore the coverage is not bad, we can say that there are no major differences between one option or another. This causes many users to connect indistinctly depending on the moment and where they are. In this article we are going to show a simple tool, NetConnectChoose , that allows us to quickly switch from cable to Wi-Fi in Windows 10.

How to switch from cable to Wi-Fi in Windows quickly

Windows 10 makes it easy to switch from Ethernet to Wi-Fi . We just have to go to the Internet settings and connect in one way or another. However, we can also use third-party tools that make this step even faster and easier.

Switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet

For this we can use a free program called NetConnectChoose . It allows us with a single click to go from cable to Wi-Fi or vice versa. In this way, for example, we could be browsing through Ethernet and at any time switch to a wireless network to be able to take our laptop to another part of the house and continue to have access to the Internet without problems.

Switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet with NetConnectChoose

The first thing we have to do in order to use this free tool is to download it from its NirSoft website. We have to download the program in the link enabled for it, where it indicates Download NetConnectChoose.

It is available in different languages, including Spanish. If we click on any of them, it will download another ZIP file that contains the translation file of the program into that language. The one we download as standard is in English.

Once we have downloaded it we will simply have to unzip that file and run the program icon. It should be noted that it does not need installation, but is portable. We just have to open it and it will automatically start working.

Usar NetConnectChoose

When we open it, an image like the one we see above will appear. There it will show us the different network cards that we have available on that computer. Normally, it shows us two: the Ethernet network card and the Wi-Fi network card. Details such as the name, the MAC address, the connection time or the IP address also appear. One of the data we see is the one that shows “Default”, which indicates which of them is the default network card.

Now, how do we switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet or vice versa? It is very simple. We only have to click on the network card that interests us and then click on the green circular icon with a white tick that we will see at the top left. Instantly our equipment will be connected through that network card.

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We will also see another icon right next to it that allows us to switch between networks by default. In this way, what we mark will be saved and our team will connect in this way. It is also a simple option to change this value.

NetConnectChoose Features

Although the main objective of this article is to explain how to switch between Wi-Fi and Ethernet quickly with NetConnectChoose, this program also has other functions. All of them are simple and it is about basic information that we can see quickly with this application.

MAC address

One of the interesting data that NetConnectChoose offers us is to know the MAC address of each of the network adapters that we have installed in our computer.

On many occasions, it is useful and necessary to know this information to carry out certain configurations on our equipment and make the most of the network possibilities. Therefore, to know at a glance which is the corresponding MAC we can use this program.

Adapter name

It also shows us the name of the network adapter . In this way we will know exactly which one we have installed on our computer and be able to search for information in case there are problems or also to simply find if there is a firmware update that we can apply to improve performance.

Interface speed

On the other hand, another piece of information that also appears in NetConnectChoose is the speed of the interface . We can know what is the maximum speed at which our network card can work, either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

In short, with NetConnectChoose we will be able to go from Wi-Fi to Ethernet or vice versa in a fast and easy way. It also shows us a series of data that may be interesting for users.