How to increase or enlarge the screen on Xiaomi mobiles

The tricks, functions and possibilities offered by this firm’s mobiles thanks to MIUI never cease to amaze us, as well as helping us at any time. For example, one of the problems that we can have when using our mobile comes when the letters on the screen are too small, something that cannot always be easily solved. Instead of looking for a magnifying glass at home, we can now enlarge the screen on Xiaomi with a few taps.

The process is not limited to any device as if other functions that we have seen arrive in MIUI 12 and this time are also present in MIUI 11. This allows practically anyone to use it and above all we recommend you show it to people who for a reason or another often have difficulty seeing the fine print.

increase or enlarge the screen on Xiaomi mobiles

Activate the option to enlarge screen

To start using this trick we will have to activate it, something that is very simple. The good thing about this option is that it is not noticeable anywhere that we have it activated and we can use it when we need it. The steps to follow for this are the following:

ampliar pantalla xiaomi

  1. We enter the mobile Settings.
  2. We look for the Additional Settings section.
  3. Then we will enter Accessibility > Vision > Extension.
  4. And, finally, in Enlarge.

This allows us to better see the screen with two methods:

  1. One of them consists of touching the screen three times, when an area will be enlarged and we will be able to continue controlling it.
  2. The next one consists of two consecutive touches and a third fixed one, causing only that specific area to be enlarged and returning to the original state when interacting with the screen again.

How is it used in Xiaomi?

Once we have it activated, we can start putting it into practice according to our preferences. In our case, for example, we are going to use it to enlarge the screen of a Xiaomi in a news item on our We play with the same video three times in a specific area of the screen, this will make us see how the specific area is enlarged and if we repeatedly touch in any area the screen will return to normal so that we can slide through the web without any problem.

ampliar pantalla zoom xiaomi

We can also do it in social networks, mobile settings or gallery to enlarge a photo much more or anything that can occur to you. This is applied through digital zoom and will give us the same results as stretching an image with two fingers. However, it allows us to do it in sections of the mobile where we could not do it previously.

Other ways to increase the size

Not everyone has the same facilities to correctly see everything that appears on the touch panel of their phone. For this reason, we are going to offer you another series of options so that you can see the screen of a Xiaomi mobile without problems .

So not only will you have the expansion method, but you will also have more alternatives so that you can find the one that best suits what you are looking for at all times. So don’t miss these MIUI tips or little tricks .

screen zoom

We can also choose to change or increase the size of all the icons or elements that appear on the screen of the Chinese phone. Basically, because in this way we will avoid having to expand the panel ourselves with the first method that we have explained to you, which comes as standard on all Xiaomi, POCO or Redmi smartphones with MIUI.

tamaño iconos xiaomi

Therefore, in order to use the zoom we must go to the native configuration app> Additional settings> Accessibility. Within this section, click on the Vision> Screen zoom option. Upon entering, we will see a menu in which we can establish what type we want, so choose the one that best suits what you need. Finally, tap on the Save button to keep the settings you have selected.

The look of the icons

To change its appearance, we must click on any free space on the screen and hold it down for a few seconds until different options appear, among which you must choose Home screen design . From there, you can choose between five alternatives.

Although, it is not the only way to achieve it. To change its display, you can also go to Settings > Home screen > Icon size . From this menu, we can choose between XS, S, M, L or XL. In addition, it will also offer us to choose between a 4×6 or 5×6 design depending on the size we choose.

change the font

The best of all is that, within the settings offered by a Chinese brand smartphone with MIUI, we find the possibility that we can make the decision of whether or not we want to modify the size of the text that is displayed in the terminal panel, as well as the color it will always have.

Xiaomi y tipos de letra

So, if you think it’s too thin, too slim, too thick, or you have trouble reading what you see on the screen, you can always adjust it as you wish in the following way:

  1. Go into your phone settings.
  2. Access the Screen section.
  3. Click on the Text Size section and choose the one you like best. You will have the possibility to choose the following: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

If in your case the size of the letter is not a problem and you like how it has turned out after applying the changes, you will also have the possibility of modifying the color of the font you have chosen.

with a catch

The simplest will be to take a screenshot of what you cannot see directly on the panel. In this way, we can then go to the MIUI reel, since we can use the digital zoom of the Chinese smartphone.

Therefore, every time you do not see something, we will only have to take a screenshot , enter the gallery and enlarge the image to the level you want. This way you will avoid having to configure any native function of your phone or resort to a third-party app.