Stray: Cat Game Gameplay for PS5, PS4 and PC

Stray: Cat Game Gameplay

It has been more than a year since we saw the first images of Stray , and since then we have not been able to stop thinking about him. It is a game set in a futuristic era where the streets with neon signs illuminate the path of our feline protagonist: a stray kitten who will have to unravel a mystery in order to escape the city.

Stray gameplay


Annapurna Interactive finally shared the first gameplay of the highly anticipated Stray, a third-person cat adventure where we must control a kitten that will come across a series of robotic and cyber threats that it will not know how to deal with at first. But luckily, he will meet B12, a flying drone that will offer him aids and abilities with which to dodge enemies and find the long-awaited exit to freedom.

In the first minutes of the gameplay we will be able to see how we will have to manage with the kitten’s abilities to solve small puzzles, until we find B12, a small drone with which we will begin to interact with objects in the world and communicate with the strange inhabitants that we will cross. on our way. Among the abilities that we will obtain will be a kind of backpack that the cat will carry and with which we can project flashes to end nearby threats.

A robotic world reminiscent of the human


The world in which Stray takes place is populated by very human robots that will give away stories and all kinds of anecdotes, however, there will be a danger, and that is that some strange creatures (apparently called Zurks) will make things complicated for us in more than an occasion. These bots half rats, half leeches, will chase our cat at all times and will try to prevent us from continuing to advance in our adventure. And it is right there when the game becomes a little more action platforms as we have seen in the images of the published gameplay.

When can we play Stray?


Unfortunately, we will still have to wait until we can play with the cat. Stray won’t arrive until early 2022 , so we’ll have to wait until next year to get our hands on it. The game is coming exclusively to PS4, PS5 and PC, so Xbox and Switch will be left out of the official launch for now.