The News of MIUI 13 That Will Make You Forget MIUI 12

After the many failures that MIUI 12 left us and the discontent of the users, Xiaomi does not want to make the mistakes of the past. That is why many of the news that we will see in MIUI 13 will be focused on improving those options and especially the results in the terminals.

As has happened on other occasions, the leaks that come from China offer us the advantage of knowing a first glimpse of what is to come. These changes are the first details that we find out about MIUI 13, not counting the details about the extended RAM option, the renewed layer that does not yet have an official date to be presented, although it should not take too long to be known.

News of MIUI 13

A new and improved control center

Among all the elements that gave problems with MIUI 12, the control center is undoubtedly very present. That new section that caused failures from start to finish, spoiling the experience of many with the smartphone. Fortunately, this was solved thanks to the fact that the control center could be deactivated, but it was not the solution that we all wanted.

centro control miui 13

Now in MIUI 13 we will find a more mature control center, which will try not to repeat the failures of the past. The first images that we have seen also allow us to recognize that the multimedia control will also become integrated inside and will no longer be an external notification.

Gesture Turbo 2.0 and Natural Touch 2.0

The renewed version of many advantages that we already have in MIUI 12 will arrive with MIUI 13, that is why it leads us to quickly think that Xiaomi does not want to find forums and social networks full of failures again. The fluidity of the animations will go to version 2.0, offering a faster experience, to try to forget the lag that some entry-level, mid-range and even high-end have suffered.

novedades miui 13

If already in MIUI 12 we could see a series of surprising haptic gestures , in MIUI 13 they will not disappear but will be improved even more. The vibration will have a greater relationship with the gestures, touches on the screen and even control of the back of the device. Although in this case, only some smartphones will be able to enjoy it, as it requires a special haptic motor.

The small windows or bubbles of MIUI

Among the functions that we can find there is an interesting function that involves serious doubts. It is not known if it is a renewal of the floating windows of MIUI 12, or on the contrary they refer to the bubbles that we are lucky to enjoy in Android Stock from Android 11.

burbujas miui 13

Along with the filtered image, we can see that a sidebar appears, which could be integrated into MIUI as other manufacturers do, for example Samsung, so that we can add shortcuts to the screen to perform various functions.