How to Store Secret Data with GuardedBox for Free and Share it

Internet offers us a wide range of possibilities for our day to day. We have at our disposal multiple tools that we can use on our devices to carry out many types of tasks, save information, work, inform ourselves … Today we echo GuardedBox , an online manager that allows us to store sensitive and secret data in a totally secure way . We can also share them with other users.

GuardedBox, the manager to share sensitive information

It is possible that on certain occasions we want to store sensitive information on the Internet. For example user names, account data, passwords … We can use many services that allow us to write texts and save this data. However, the importance of security must be taken into account. Not whoever we choose is going to protect us properly.

Store Secret Data with GuardedBox for Free and Share it

That’s where GuardedBox comes in. It is an online manager that allows us to save all kinds of information that may be sensitive. It also allows us to share it with total security with other users. It should be noted that GuardedBox is an open source tool , totally free and that we can use from any device. We will only need to have an Internet connection and a browser.

Use best security practices to always maintain encryption . We can save texts without fear that the information may leak. The same when sharing this data with other users in a totally confidential way. It is ideal for, for example, sending a password to someone without fear of being intercepted.

It has a simple, intuitive user interface but always preserving security. They seek at all times to isolate the user from possible technical complications and difficulties that they may have. It offers a basic service to always be able to preserve privacy and security.

How to use GuardedBox

The first thing we have to do to use GuardedBox is to enter its website and in the Create a new account section we have to register. There you will request an e-mail and later we will receive an email with the link to continue with the process.

Crear cuenta en GuardedBox

Keep in mind that choosing just any password is not enough. It must have at least 16 characters , but also meet a minimum of 80% security . We must not forget the password that we put, since otherwise we would lose everything we have stored.

Iniciar sesión en GuardedBox

To log in , as we see in the image above, it is not enough just to put the password that we have created, but we will have to request a code that we will receive by email.

Once we enter that code we will be able to definitively enter the account. We will see that the interface is quite simple . Several icons will appear and one of them is for adding a new secret. We can even create an additional password to each secret we store, as well as provide information to identify it.

Crear un secreto por Internet

When we have kept that secret created we can easily share it. We simply have to click on the group icon. Subsequently, a new window will open requesting an email where to send that information that has been created.

Compartir un secreto online

At the top we can see data that has been shared with us, groups that we have created or where we have been added, as well as a section of My account to see, among other things, the public encryption key.

In short, GuardedBox is a very simple online tool that we can use at all times to store sensitive information that we want to protect and prevent it from being exposed in any way. We can use this tool for very different reasons, such as storing passwords, sharing sensitive information with other users, etc.

GuardedBox is quite simple to use and it is also completely free. Basically what we have to do is create an account with a good password and link it with our e-mail. From there we can make use of this interesting platform with which we can have any type of information in the cloud and access it at any time and from anywhere.