Cannot Read File Record Segment: Solution

The hard disk is one of the fundamental elements of our computer. There we keep the important files and, if it is the boot disk, it is the device that houses our operating system. Therefore, it is vital that it works reliably and allows us to focus on how we use our PC. Sometimes, these components give us problems of different importance that hinder our handling. Today we are going to focus on one that can lead to its replacement: ” File Record Segment is Unreadable “.

All our files are stored on the hard drive. When our operating system requires one of them, it does not open it directly, but looks for what is known as “File Record Segment” . This file is a kind of index that provides information about its name, size, type and location. Once read, the system accesses it. That is why it is so important to solve this error: without the correct reading of the first, there is no access to the second.

Cannot Read File Record Segment

This problem is caused by bad hard disk sectors. Repairing them is not possible so we must focus on correctly diagnosing the hard drive, making a backup of our data and trying to recover the data. Once these errors start showing up on the hard drive, they may continue to happen until the hard drive is completely corrupted or unrecognizable to Windows.

Hard disk diagnostics, requirement to locate our problem

Scan with CHKDSK, the Windows 10 option

Windows 10 is an operating system that has several utilities designed to solve our daily problems. When the error “File Record Segment is Unreadable” appears, we have to use CHKDSK -Check Disk- which will help us with the analysis, verification and repair of our hard drives.

CHKDSK is easily accessible. You just have to type ” cmd ” in the search box on the start bar and it will appear as the first option. It is an essential requirement to run it with system administrator permissions.

Once opened, we can scan and repair errors, as well as monitor the status of our hard drive . To do this, we must use some lines of syntax that we include below. Notice that both the two points and the bar are fundamental components of the line.

chkdsk [drive]: / [parameter]

Unit is the letter with which we identify the hard disk (F, G …) and the parameter is what we want CHKDSK to do for us. Here are some of the most common. You can use several consecutively on the same line.

  • / f Fix errors on disk.
  • / v Displays the name of each file and directory while the disk is being checked.
  • / r Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information.
  • / x Forces the volume to disassemble earlier if necessary.

Monitor your hard drive with applications offered by manufacturers

Another possible option to find out what happens inside your hard disk is to resort to the programs created by their manufacturers. In addition to being designed for a specific purpose, they usually include other utilities that you might need throughout this process (backup, for example).

You can access these programs by clicking on the link corresponding to the brands Hitachi , Seagate , Western Digital and Toshiba .

Whatever your hard drive, you can use CrystalDiskInfo

“Cannot read file log segment” is not a reassuring message, so it is good to have free analysis tools that we can use with any hard drive, regardless of its origin.

Utilidades de disco portables

CrystalDiskInfo is a free computer program with an installable or portable version. Quickly, it will give us a panoramic view of all the SMART information (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) of our computer, as well as the temperature and its functionality. Also, in the event that the disk began to fail, it would notify us through alerts and emails. The only problem with the computer program is that it requires knowledge on the part of the user since it only offers the data. Interpreting and taking advantage of them will depend on your skills.

Check your hard drive by visiting its home page .

When in doubt, clone your hard drive

As we have already said ” File Record Segment is Unreadable ” is usually the first warning of future problems. To prevent us from losing all the information on the hard drive from one day to the next, it is advisable to make a backup copy as soon as this error appears.

As long as the files are not corrupted in this situation, but rather the problem lies with the physical drive of your hard drive, you can choose between copying the files to another device or cloning your storage drive. Here are three programs that will speed up this process.

AOMEI Backupper Standard, clone and restore with ease

The free version of this paid program will be enough for you to get enough of it at home. The interface is very well organized, its use is highly intuitive and it is also in Spanish. Once installed, you can clone your hard drive and restore it quickly and without errors.

OMEI BAckupper

You can download it on its main page .

MiniTool ShadowMaker, two in one

An advantage of this option offered by MiniTool is that, in the same download, we will obtain two programs. The first, ShadowMaker, is the one we will need to make a backup copy of our hard drive. The second, Partition Wizard, will serve us later, when we try to recover the data from our hard drive.

Shadows interfaz

Like all MiniTool applications, there is a free version that, although limited, allows adequate use that will satisfy our needs. As far as we are concerned, we will not be able to schedule a copy calendar or remotely control the hard drive, but for occasional use, it is more than necessary.

You can get the package on their website .

Macrium Reflect, copy faster thanks to its exclusive technology

The main virtue of this program is that it has a specific technology that, they claim, speeds up the cloning process of your hard drive. In addition, compared to the previous options, Macrium Refelet allows you to clone an image of your system, which could be useful in other types of situations.

Macrium Interfaz

Get your trial version by clicking here .

Data recovery

Once we have evaluated our hard drive to detect the problem and have cloned it to protect the files, we will try to recover them. Although any of these three tools can help us and fix the problem, a disk that shows the warning ” cannot read the file log segment ” is not a reliable disk so it is best to replace it as soon as possible.

Disk Drill, the most popular

This multi-device recovery (PC, HDD / SSD, USB, SD / CF cards or mobile) is the most popular program for this purpose. Although it is paid, it offers a free and limited version with which you can recover files of up to 500 MB.

Disk Drill interfaz

Disk Drill is a very functional program that allows the user to find their files in various ways thanks to its search filters. Once located, you will only have to select it to recover it.

Locate your files and use them again by accessing the link .

HDD Regenerator, recover and analyze

For thirty days we will be able to use the trial version of this functional program. The advantages of this product are many: it is easy to use, it detects hard disk problems and allows access to files that were previously banned from us.

HDD Regenerator interfaz

Recover your data by visiting their page .

DiskInternal Partition Recovery, simple and functional

Recovering lost data and partitions is easier with this program. Although it is a paid program, it includes an evaluation version with which we can rescue our files and save the situation. The main characteristic of this option is that it pays attention to the partitions and has specific tools to recover them.

DiskInternal Partition Recovery

Try to save your data and get this program on its website .

Rule out physical failures on your hard drive

The hard disk, like any other component of the PC, has a material component that we must not forget. Perhaps the problem with our storage device is due to a physical and not a computer error. These little tips may help you. Use them with care because handling the disc with your hands may render it completely useless. Don’t forget that your hard drive should always be completely cool before touching it.

If you have two exactly the same external hard drives, you can open the protective covers and swap them. This way you can rule out that the problem lies in faults such as the circuits or the power supply.

Sometimes the disc heads can get stuck to the platters where the information is. You can try repositioning the discs or moving them slightly.

A last resort option, being the most aggressive, is to cool the hard drive in the freezer. You will need a plastic bag that allows you to store the disc hermetically. Put it in the freezer for no more than four hours and then connect it to the computer.