StopWinUpdates: Control and Disable Windows Updates

One of the most criticized aspects of Windows 10 since its release were the updates. Specifically, the little (or no) control that Microsoft offered users over Windows Update. Although more options have been added in recent years to control Windows updates, for many these are still not enough. And less considering the problems that constantly appear with the patches. For this reason, some developers have created tools to easily give us additional control over these updates, as is the case with StopWinUpdates.

StopWinUpdates is a program designed to allow us to enable or disable Windows updates . While Microsoft does not offer us these options by default, thanks to this program we will be able to have full control over how Windows searches for updates and patches of the operating system, how they are installed and, of course, how other elements are updated (apps, Windows Defender, etc.) in the operating system.


Main features

This program is very easy to use, since it is specially focused on its main purpose, nothing to offer unnecessary functions or features. Therefore, the options and functions that StopWinUpdates offers us are:

  • Enable or disable Windows Update.
  • Turn off or turn on automatic updates for Microsoft Store apps.
  • Activate or deactivate the search for updates every 6 hours of Windows Defender.
  • Disable or enable automatic driver update.
  • Enable or disable automatic map download.
  • Turn off or turn on update distribution optimization (that is, use our network to share updates with others).

Finally, indicate that StopWinUpdates is a free and portable program, so we can use it without installing anything.

Control Windows updates with StopWinUpdates

The truth is that it is impossible to make a program of this style simpler to use. Once the program is downloaded to our computer, we just have to run it (it is portable, so there is no need to install anda) and we will automatically see a window like the following.


In it we simply must choose the options that we want to activate or deactivate to control the operation of Windows Update. We can enable the functions that we want , and disable the ones that we don’t want to be executed. That already depends on our needs or tastes.

When we have the program configured, we simply continue with the wizard (which looks like an installer), and it will directly take care of applying the changes. When finished, it will ask us to restart the PC and, when it is turned on again, the changes will have been applied correctly.

In case you want to change these options again, we will simply run the program again and change the settings that we want. After restarting again, the changes will still apply.

Free Download StopWinUpdates

StopWinUpdates is a completely free program for all users, so we will not have to pay to use it. Of course, on their main website they force us to register in order to download it from their forum, something that we are not very supporters of.

Therefore, if you want to download StopWinUpdates , we recommend you do it directly from the following link . This download is up-to-date and reliable, so we will have no problems with the program. Also, being portable, we will not have to leave anything installed on our PC.